Unsubscribed Emails

Returns the a list of emails that unsubscribed in a given interval

Method: GET

URL: https://api.retargeting.app/v1/unsubscribed-emails

Function parameters

Field Type Required Description
rest_key number or text True The REST API Key of the client.
date_from number Optional (Required only if date_to parameter is given) Unix Timestamp (Example: 1718995386). If not provided, default fallback is 30 days in the past from now.
date_to number Optional Unix Timestamp (Example: 1721587386). If not provided, default fallback is the current time.

The interval between date_from and date_to parameters (if provided) must not exceed 30 days.

Your account status must be in one of the states: PAID, PAYMENT ERROR or ACCOUNT SUSPENDED.

If your account is Inactive or Closed the API call will not work.

The API call will respond with JSON format.



    require_once "vendor/autoload.php";

    $apiURL = "https://api.retargeting.app/v1/unsubscribed-emails";
    $apiKey = "REST_KEY";

    $client = new GuzzleHttp\Client();

    $data = [
        "rest_key" => $apiKey,
        "date_from" => 1718995386,
        "date_to" => 1721587386,

    $request = $client->request("GET", $apiURL, ["query" => $data]);

If the API call succeeds, then the response will be as seen below:

    status: "success",
    data: [

If the API call fails, then the responses will be similar to the ones below:

When the rest_key parameter is invalid:

    status: "error",
    message: "Incorrect rest key!"

When the account is not active:

    status: "error",
    message: "Your account is not active!"

When the interval between date_from and date_to parameters is greater than 30 days:

    status: "error",
    message: "Interval is greater than 30 days"

When date_from parameter is not provided together with date_to parameter:

    status: "fail",
    data: {
        validator: {
            date_from: [
                "The date from field is required when date to is present."

When something went wrong:

    status: "error",
    message: "Something went wrong"