Remove subscriber

This method can be applied on your server-side, when a visitor requests his email to be unsubscribed.

Method: GET


Field Type Required Description
k number or text True The REST API Key can be found into your account Settings -> Integration -> REST API Key, second field.
email email True Email to unsubscribe
phone text False Subscriber's phone. When present the phone number will be unsubscribed from the mailing list and SMS.

Your account status must be in one of the states: PAID, PAYMENT ERROR or ACCOUNT SUSPENDED.

If your account is Inactive or Closed the API call will not work.

The API call will respond with JSON format.


   require_once "vendor/autoload.php";

   $apiURL = "";
   $apiKey = "MyAPI_REST_Key";

   $client = new GuzzleHttp\Client();

   $unsubscribeData = [
       "k" => $apiKey,
       "email" => "",
       "phone" => "0712345678"

   $unsubscribeRequest = $client->request("GET", $apiURL . "subscriber-unsubscribe", ["query" => $unsubscribeData]);

If the API call succeeds, then the response will be as seen below:

    status: "success",
    data: null

The imported subscribers will have the source label details in Settings -> Subscribers -> Subscriber.

If the API call fails, the response will be as seen below:

    status: "error",
    data: "Subscriber not found!"