With the best recommendations come the most sales

Imagine going to a store where the shelves are stocked only with your favorite products. With our smart recommendations, you can easily achieve this for your online store. Keep your customers hooked by providing personalized recommendations.


Core benefits


Dynamically retrained models

The AI model is constantly retrained throughout the customer journey.


Adapting to customer preferences

Identify best matching products for each user according to historical data and live interactions.


Advanced business rules

Powerful personalisation rules including brands, categories, inventory levels, and price range.


Real time predictions

Constantly updated predictions based on the customer journey on your website.


Creating emotional triggers

Enhance live feeds to let customers know what items are sold in real time.


Smart enough for backup plans

All our widgets have fallbacks implemented based on bestsellers or new arrivals.

Choose the perfect products for your widget

We’ve made it easy to filter your products by brand, category, price range, discount, margin, and inventory level - so you can quickly choose which ones to highlight.

Use widgets all over your website

Easily create widget campaigns for every single page of your website. Include your most striking widgets on your home page and suggest perfect matches on your shopping cart page, since customers are already in a shopping mood.

Create eye-catching widget templates

We've got 21 predefined widget templates ready to ease your workload. If you can't find a layout that matches your website design, customise your own.


Get a glimpse of our powerful recommendation widgets!

Have you ever bought a pair of jeans and searched ages for a pair of matching sneakers? So are your clients. With our smart widgets they will search no more!

Retargeting Recommended products

Recommend products (or related products) based on the customer’s buying affinities.

Live Feed

Display what's live and happening on your store right now - in real-time!

Browse Related

Recommend products that are new to the customer based on their recent behaviour.

Most Popular

Recommend most popular products based on clicks / views

Best Sellers

Inspire customers by showcasing what’s hot in your store right now.

Others who bought X, bought also Y

Recommend products related to the user’s last purchase.

Up Sell

Recommend products (or related products) based on the customer’s buying affinities.

Recently Added

Recommend products based other visitors’ behavior who came from the same source.