General Implementation of Retargeting for Other eCommerce Platforms

You don't need extensions to start using Retargeting. If your e-commerce platform is not yet supported by an extension, our General Documentation will help you get started.

JavaScript Tracking Code

In order for Retargeting to record the necessary events from your site, you have to insert the following JavaScript code right before the closing of < head > tag.

To use Retargeting you need the Tracking API Key from your Retargeting account. The Tracking API Key is automatically generated on account registration.

The add_to_cart_button_id and price_label_id parameters are needed for the mouse over add to cart respectively mouse over product price events which are executed on the product page when a user moves the cursor over the add to cart button and respectively product price element.

This code is loaded asynchronous, which means it won't slow down in any way the page's load time and it will work independently from your application.

Tracking Code Snippet

     ra_key = "your_retargeting_tracking_api_key";
     ra_params = {
         add_to_cart_button_id: "add_to_cart_button_id",
         price_label_id: "price_label_id",
     var ra = document.createElement("script"); ra.async = true; ra.src = "" + ra_key + ".js";
     var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ra,s);})();