Target website visitors according to their preferences & shopping behavior

Deliver what they want exactly when they want it. Make smart suggestions to your subscribers once they have browsed your website. Build stronger relationships and boost your sales.


Core benefits

Retain customers and new visitors through outstanding personalized recommendations

Become a top marketer in no-time with our ten predefined email campaigns

Leverage A/B testing to find out what kind of emails trigger customers’ curiosity

Find your Net Promoter Score through our new outstanding feedback email


Predefined triggers

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Cart Abandonment

Have your customers left your e-shop without finalizing their orders? Send them an email reminder to make them return. You can also offer them a discount!

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Cart Abandonment Similar Products

Did you send an email reminder and they still haven’t converted? Maybe your customers are not completely hooked by the products they abandoned. Send them similar products, from the same category, brand, or price range to win them back.

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Product Follow-up

Send your website visitors an email with their favorite products. Chances are they will give in to the temptation and boost your sales significantly.

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Category Follow-up

Are some of your visitors browsing predominantly through one of your categories? They might be searching for a specific item, but haven’t decided which one is a match. Help them out. Send them a shortlist and seal the deal.

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Bounce Follow-up

Do visitors leave your online shop as soon as they enter? Ouch! Avoid this by highlighting your most popular items. There’s a high chance they will find them alluring and convert.

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Cross Sell

Give them what they want before they even become aware of it. Turn into their personal assistant. Suggest similar products that perfectly match the ones they have already bought.

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Price Alert

It is more convenient to retain customers than win over new ones. Announce them when their favorite product is discounted to make them come back for more.

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If you notice some of your customers haven’t visited your e-shop in a while, make them come back. How? Tempt them with your newest arrivals, your most popular items or your undefeatable offers.

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Customers search for reliable e-shops when browsing. The best way to make them trust you is through feedback email campaigns. If your Net Promoter Score escalades so does your brand reputation.

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Dynamic Subscription

Subscribing to a newsletter means trusting that online shop. Reward your subscribers with a personalized email along with an attractive welcome offer.