This function must be called every time a product is added to a wishlist. If add to wishlist can be done in other page than in the product details page (the sendProduct function is not being called), proceed the same as in addToCart function (see the examples from addToCart function).

   _ra.addToWishlist(product_id, callback_function);

Executing scripts automatically when the page is loaded

   var _ra = _ra || {};

   _ra.addToWishlistInfo = {
       "product_id" : product_id

   if (_ra.ready !== undefined) {

addToWishlist function parameters

Field Type Required Description
id number or text True The product id
callback_function function False With this parameter you can define a function that runs itself after the action's parent function executes.

addToWishlist function examples

sending the addToWishlist event with the callback function

   _ra.addToWishlist(100, function() {
       console.log("the information has been sent");

sending the addToWishlist event with no callback function