How to install the extension on your Prestashop platform?

The preferred way of installing the Retargeting module is through Prestashop Addons.

Installing via PrestaShop Addons

1.a Go into PrestaShop Marketplace

1.b Download from GitHub

2. Select your PrestaShop version and download the plugin.

3. Log in to your PrestaShop Admin Panel and access Modules Manager.

4. Click on Upload a module.

5. Press Configure and insert your API Key and Rest API Key.


1. Go to your account

2. Get the Domain API Key from Settings -> Docs & API

3. Select & copy Retargeting API Key

4. Go to Admin Panel -> Modules Manager -> Retargeting -> Configuration

5. Paste Retargeting API Key

6. Click Save

Upgrading or Removing Retargeting Tracker Extension

You can uninstall, upgrade the Retargeting Tracker Extension for which a new release has been issued.

Upgrade extension

1. Go to Admin Panel -> Modules Manager -> Updates

2. Find the Retargeting Extension and click on Upgrade.

Uninstall Extension

Go to Admin Panel -> Modules Manager click on the extension dropdown menu and select Uninstall.