How to install the Extension on your nopCommerce Platform?

1. Download the plugin archive.

2. Open a folder with your nopCommerce version. Put the directory 'Widgets.Retargeting' into '\Plugins' directory on your server.

3. Go to Admin area -> Configuration -> Plugins and Install the plugin.

Retargeting for nopCommerce Platforms

The Retargeting nopCommerce extension implements the required tagging for Retargeting's functions in nopCommerce based webshops, providing your online business with all the necessary tools to build a strong marketing automation strategy. In order to implement the nopCommerce plugin you just need to setup a account

Here are a couple of features that can implement in your nopCommerce platform:

nopCommerce Abandoned Cart Trigger

With Retargeting you can easily engage visitors who haven’t finished their online purchase. Convince them to return to your website with targeted messages.

Retargeting starts timing once the first product is placed in the online shopping cart, and if it’s abandoned there after a specific period of time, the abandoned cart saver trigger starts sending messages in order to recover your customers.

Retargeting analyzes your visitors’ browsing behavior so you can react accordingly using marketing automation triggers that are created based on your customers’ interests.

Using behavioral targeting, you will be able to know:

  • when each potential customer visits your website
  • the frequency of their visits
  • the pages they viewed and their browsing paths