How to install the Extension on your MerchantPro Platform?

To install directly from the MerchantPro cPanel you will need to take the following steps:

1. Access your shop's Control Panel from the MerchantPro interface.

2. Navigate to the Apps section and identify the application. This tab can be found in the Settings menu.

3. Click on the Install button and then click Continue to proceed with the installation

4. Enter the Retargeting Tracking API Key, as provided by the service, and click on the Install app button.

Retargeting for MerchantPro eCommerce Platforms

The MerchantPro extension implements the required tagging for Retargeting's functions in MerchantPro based webshops, providing your online business with all the necessary tools to build a strong marketing automation strategy. In order to implement the MerchantPro plugin you just need to setup a account.

MerchantPro Extension for Cart Abandonment

Here are a couple of features that can implement in your MerchantPro eCommerce platform:

With you can create automated emails to recover your potential customers and consolidate your customer relationships. For example, you can reach out to passive visitors, send them abandoned cart emails based on their online behavior, notify shoppers when products that were out of stock have been replenished, and much more.

Each type of message can be fully customized by you, to better suit your eCommerce business strategy. The setup process is very easy, needing only to setup the rules and message templates once, while the rest will be executed automatically by