How to install the Extension on your CSCart Platform?

You can install, reinstall, uninstall, upgrade Retargeting Tracker Extension for which a new release has been issued.

1.a Download the Retargeting Extension

1.b Download from GitHub

2. Extract the ZIP archive to your computer

3. Using an FTP client (like FileZilla) simply upload the contents of the unzipped folder. These should go over your OpenCart directory: 'app' folder over 'app' folder and 'design' over 'design'. No files will be overwritten.


Go to your admin interface ( Add-ons -> Manage add-ons -> Browse all available add-ons ) click Install, then Disabled and switch to Enable, then Settings and insert your API Key and Token.


Simply click Save. You're ready to go.

Retargeting for CSCart eCommerce Platforms

The Retargeting CSCart extension implements the required tagging for Retargeting's functions in CSCart based webshops, providing your online business with all the necessary tools to build a strong marketing automation strategy. In order to implement the CSCart plugin you just need to setup a account is a marketing automation and personalization software, built from scratch with the needs of an eCommerce business in mind. This extension uses a complex algorithm that tracks and analyzes the online behavior of your potential customers, in order to send them personalized messages. The goal of each message is to increase the profitability of your store by closing more sales faster.