Simple pricing. Full access to all our features.

52.5 EUR minimum monthly fee.

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Product 2:Remarketing

Commission 3,5% from extra generated sales + monthly budget

Product 3:Recommendation Engine

85 EUR /month

*0.035 EUR per SMS in the SMS Campaign

We offer a simple pricing that grants you access to all our features. No account limits. No hidden fees. You will just pay us a commission for the generated sales you achieved using

You want to optimize your account periodically, but you don`t want to go through the hustle of doing it? No worries! For 52.5 EUR / month we can do it for you!

What we will give you? Personalized texts. Custom design for the pop-ups. Setting up the account. A/B testing. Performance analysis.

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Retargeting`s marketing automation platform helps you build targeted segments based on your customer data, create workflows and send personalized messages so you can nurture leads effectively through the sales funnel.

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  • Increase your conversion rate via marketing automation: Automatically trigger follow-up emails and popup retargeting ads based on your potential customers’ browsing behavior

  • Create efficient workflows: Build workflows to segment your potential customers, manage your pipeline, and nurture leads across the funnel

  • Build Optimized Emails: Easily create beautiful, personalized emails to target your leads more closely

Analyze Performance:

Measure and improve the performance of your emails and nurturing campaigns.

Retargeting for E-Commerce will boost your online store sales up to 100%

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