How to Install the Extension on Your Shoper Platform?

To install Retargeting directly from the Shoper Marketplace you will need to take the following steps:

  • - After logging in to your Shoper account, access the Shoper Marketplace
  • - Search for the Retargeting app and click Install
  • - Then go to the My Applications tab located in the Shoper interface, click on the - - -Retargeting app and then click the configuration button
  • - Now you will be greeted by a panel which prompts you to create a free 14-day Retargeting account
  • - If you already have an account you will be prompted to add your Tracking API and REST API keys which can be found in the Retargeting interface

Retargeting for Shoper eCommerce Platforms

The Retargeting Shoper extension implements the required tagging for Retargeting`s functions in Shoper based webshops, providing your online business with all the necessary tools to build a strong marketing automation strategy. In order to implement the Shoper plugin you just need to setup a account.

Here are a couple of features that can implement in your Shoper eCommerce platform:

Cart Abandonment/Cart Saver Email Trigger

The cart abandonment/cart saver is one of our best performing automated email trigger. It activates when a customer has added a product in his online shopping cart and then exits the website without finalizing the order, thus without making any purchase. The email is sent at a specific time and its goal is to convince the visitor to complete the order.

The dynamic subscription is a live trigger that helps you convert first-time visitors into subscribers and then into customers, using marketing automation technology to detect the moment when a visitor is about to leave your website, displaying a pleasant popup ad asking for the visitor’s email address.