Sometimes a linear email marketing strategy, based on sending one message to an entire contact list is not enough to sustain your online business. Embrace modern digital technology and use marketing automation to set specific triggers, in order to target your messages based on your visitors’ browsing behavior and their interests.

Retargeting is CRO software that allows you to nurture leads using email marketing automation. With Retargeting, you can easily identify what stage of buying process your potential customers are in, and guide them to make the next step, becoming full customers through making a purchase.

Did you know that you can save around 80% of your direct mail budget using email marketing automation? Retargeting helps you track the activity and online behavior of your targeted visitors, and based on the data collected, you can start a retargeting email campaign that takes their interests and needs into consideration.

Depending on the visitor’s activity, you can automate your emails to be sent on the spot or scheduled for a specific date and time. Nurturing your target audience helps you build trust and brand loyalty thus, increasing your online revenue and return on investment. Digital marketing specialists have concluded that nurtured leads make 47% more purchases, compared to non-nurtured leads.

What is an email trigger?

The fundamental instruments that are used in email marketing automation are the email triggers.

Email triggers are important instruments for any marketer, allowing them to create automated, personalized and relevant messages that are sent to the right audience, at a specific date and time, while they are still interested in becoming your customers.


Retargeting uses 12 email triggers to help you re-engage your potential customers. Here are three of the most popular:


Cart abandonment/cart saver

The cart abandonment/cart saver trigger is activated when a customer abandons their shopping cart during the checkout process, leaving your website without finalizing the order. The automated email is sent at the right moment and its purpose is to persuade the potential customer to complete the purchase.

Product of interest

After identifying the products that your visitors are most interested in, Retargeting sends them a personalized message with a discount incentive. The goal is to send a dedicated email that helps the potential customers buy the products they really need, stimulating them to complete a purchase.


Returning customers are accounted for more than 80% of the total revenue for online businesses. This is the reason why we have created an automated email trigger that is activated when your customers haven’t come back to your website for a certain period of time. This type of email updates your customers about the true benefits of returning to your website. creste vanzarile magazinului tau online cu pana la 100%

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