If you ever worked in sales, then you are probably familiar with the term named “funnel”. A funnel is actually a diagram used by salespeople to figure out how to take a potential customer from awareness to conversion and to identify, if the case, the issues that occur during that process.

Marketers use the sales funnel when creating digital marketing campaigns. But why are we talking about the sales funnel? Because Retargeting.biz, with it’s variety of solutions, is a real Conversion Funnel Optimization tool, and we’d like to show you how it works.

The Awareness Stage

Awareness is an important stage of the funnel, because every eCommerce business wants to build awareness among its potential customers. Even if retargeting is considered a solution that addresses to visitors that are already aware of your brand (and then you retarget them), there are also other types of retargeting: audience targeting and search retargeting. Audience targeting is the practice of using demographic, geographic, behavioral, contextual, interest, and intent-based data to target your ideal potential customers all over the web, while search retargeting is the technique of displaying ads to people who search for one of your keywords while browsing the web.

The Interest and Evaluation Stage

Retargeting.biz is the Conversion Funnel Optimization software that offers you solutions that help you take your customers through the Interest and Evaluation stage of the sales funnel.

Live Retargeting – The technique of displaying ads to potential customers who visit your website, during their visit. This practice is possible due to our live triggers: the Live Cart Abandonment / Live Cart Saver, the Live Product Recommender and the Live dynamic subscription.


Email Retargeting – The technique of serving ads to people who open your emails. This can be done using our email triggers: Cart Saver, Browse Behavior, Bounce Behavior, Product of Interest, Cross Sell, Dynamic Subscription, Inactivity, Happy Birthday, Social Sale, FAQ/ Help, Black Friday, and Wish List.


Dynamic Retargeting – The practice of serving ads for specific items based on browsing behavior, which can be done using both live and e-mail triggers.


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