In order to find customers and increase your online sales revenue, your website needs to provide the right user experience. offers you the possibility to personalize the communication with your visitors in order to build an effective conversion rate optimization strategy. provides you with solutions that allow you to identify the right targeted audience, resulting in a personalized experience that focuses on specific segments of customers and building an ongoing relationship with them. The marketing automation technology behind is based on behavioral targeting analytics designed for conversion rate optimization.

How to use personalization based on behavioral targeting analytics for conversion rate optimization purposes

Identify customer preferences

Analyze your visitors’ browsing behavior when visiting your website. Use the data collected to automatically build customer profiles based on their preferences and interests.

Predict the right message

Combine your visitors’ preference profiles with the algorithms powered by to determine the best version of messages that you will be using to engage your potential customers.

Use marketing automation to deliver content

Deliver the most relevant content using a marketing automation software like Use our triggers to automatically personalize email, popup ads, and SMS and send recommendations to each of your potential customers.

Understand your customers’ browsing behavior

Build complex customer profiles based on their browsing behavior using data collected through cookie technology. Identify which factors impact the relationship with your customers and compare them to your business KPIs in order to align your business and conversion rate optimization strategy. creste vanzarile magazinului tau online cu pana la 100%

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