Mobile messaging has long surpassed voice communication on mobile devices, with 98% of SMS messages being opened within 3 minutes of receiving them.

This is why our Retargeting automation software currently has the SMS trigger functionality integrated into all the triggered email workflows and acts as a reminder for key messages and promotions that were communicated before.

How do SMS triggers work

The functionality of SMS triggers is highly connected with the rest of the personalized email messages integrated into our Retargeting automation software.

When visitors receive email messages triggered by a set of actions they performed while browsing your website, it's up to them to take direct action regarding these messages.

In the best case scenario, they will open the email and place an order, but if they don't, it's very clear that they need the proper motivation to go through with the transaction.

Here's where SMS triggers come into play. All the text messages can be customized, so you can take full control of your communication and marketing actions. The SMS triggers will send text messages based on your visitors' browsing behavior. You have various possibilities such as: birthday messages, order confirmations, appointment confirmations. Also, you can send promotion text messages to your customers after they abandoned a purchase to stimulate the return to the shopping cart.

The SMS triggers featured by allow you to send SMS updates to all your clients, underlining all the real benefits of returning to your website. Also, by expanding the relevance of your message distribution through SMS triggers, you can win the loyalty of your contacts.

These messages act as a reminder for your visitors, in order to reinforce the benefits of finalizing the order or to increase the level of trust in your business. You can be sure that by using SMS triggers that send customized text messages, you will reach all your customers, even those that aren't constantly checking their emails.

Moreover, by using our automation software, you will be able to deliver fast promotional messages, in real time, so besides relevance, you will also gain time. is the best marketing automation software with integrated SMS triggers functionality! Start your 14-day free trial now and see how it will boost your sales. creste vanzarile magazinului tau online cu pana la 100%

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