The traditional, pay-per-click based retargeting, also known as offsite retargeting, engages your visitor only after they’ve left your website.

With Retargeting, you get a second chance with your visitors before they exit your website, which is a rare thing in online marketing. A second page view is of main importance for your onsite optimization efforts.

Onsite retargeting refers to monitoring the browsing behavior of your visitors and displaying a popup retargeting ad at the right moment, when they are about to leave the website.

What is a popup retargeting ad?

It's a trigger that's displayed live, on the website, while the visitors are still browsing, designed to help you reach your potential customers using Retargeting. This way, the popup retargeting ads will engage them while they're still interested in your products, which will result in a higher conversion rate.

What kind of browsing behavior indicates the intent of visitors to leave your site?

One of the most common indicator of exit intent is the movement of the mouse pointer. When a user moves the mouse with a precise speed and velocity, intending to click the X button and leave the website, the pop up retargeting ad is displayed. But there are also other important indicators, like the time spent on page, or scroll behavior.

What is the dynamic subscription popup ad?

The dynamic subscription is a popup retargeting ad that turns your visitors into newsletter subscribers. Retargeting uses marketing automation to study the visitor’s browsing behavior and sends them a message saying “"Hello, we can see that you're new on the website, leave us your e-mail address and you'll receive 5% off on your first order". The Retargeting Admin section allows you to edit every aspect of this popup retargeting ad.

What is the Product Recommender popup ad? Is it a live discount message?

Yes, it’s exactly a live discount message and it’s the most performant marketing trigger we have, with an average conversion rate of over 21%. While someone is browsing, Retargeting analyzes his behavior, identifying the product that your visitor is more interested in, then shows him a popup retargeting ad with an exclusive one-time offer if they buy the product on the spot.


Is the design for the popup retargeting ads standard?

No, you can customize the design by changing the template, the text, the offer, the buttons, etc. Our Marketing Automation tool gives you the opportunity to create a popup ad that will match your online shop’s visual identity. This feature helps you earn more trust from your customers, due to the fact that they will know the offer comes from you and not from a third party website. creste vanzarile magazinului tau online cu pana la 100%

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