Why you should start using a remarketing software

To be competitive, our remarketing strategy needs to reflect a high level of personalization. Are you engaging your website’s visitors and communicate with them considering their interests, needs, and preferences?

If not, you should. How can you do that?

The answer is Retargeting.biz, the best eCommerce remarketing tool. It helps you identify the interests and preferences of your potential customers and communicate with them on a more personal level.

Who should use a remarketing software like Retargeting.biz?

Everybody who

1. has an eCommerce site that sells different types of products to multiple buyer individuals
2. has a long-term relationship with their customers
3. uses cross-selling in their eCommerce marketing strategy

Retargeting.biz uses several remarketing features in order to increase your conversion rate and grow your online shop revenue, by helping your potential customers obtain the products they want to buy.

Behavioral targeting

Installing tracking codes on your website allows you to identify your visitors’ preferences, based on their browsing behavior while visiting your website.

Segmenting customers

Once we identify which pages or products a visitor is interested in, we can segment them based on their interests.


Increase engagement

Once you’ve tracked the interests and preferences of each potential customers, you can automatically deliver content that is relevant to them. When creating cross-selling emails, think about what complementary products they may be interested in. If they did not make an actual purchase, what information would they need to buy a specific product?

Instead of sending emails in bulk, adapt the timing to your potential customers. Some people like shopping early Sunday, others in the evening after working hours, and some at midnight on Fridays. Using remarketing, emails can be sent based on a set of automatic triggers that relate to your customers’ preferences.


Abandoned cart saver

Persuade your customers to complete an order after abandoning a shopping cart. You can increase your conversion rate and regain sales by automating your emails and offers using the abandoned cart saver trigger.

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