Use Retargeting, the personalized remarketing software, to Boost CTR and conversion rates and increase your sales revenue by sending the right message at the proper moment! Personalization takes place when an e-mail is opened or a pop retargeting ad is served to your visitor, ensuring that the offers, content and individualized product recommendations are based on your customer’s browsing behavior. What makes Retargeting so great is that it offers you the opportunity to customize your trigger in order to match your website’s visual identity, improving your brand awareness and increasing trust. The design is not standard and the templates, texts, offers and buttons of your messages can be easily personalized.

The personalization of your remarketing triggers brings multiple benefits:

Precise targeting

When you run traditional banner ads, you never know who is going to visualize them. Retargeting helps you take control over who your ads will target. You have multiple options to personalize your remarketing campaign. For example, you can choose to display your ad only on a certain page that your visitor visited in the past, when he accessed your website. You can even go a few steps further by selecting multiple pages or even your entire website. Using these setting, you target only the visitors who already expressed their interest and are familiar with your offer.

Better engagement

One of the things that a personalized remarketing software does for you is helping you form bonds with your visitors, strengthening customer loyalty and brand awareness. Retargeting helps you reconnect with around 84% of your targeted audience. Besides tracking browsing behavior and displaying personalized popup retargeting ads, this marketing automation tool can send reminders, cart abandonment e-mails, special offers and thank you emails, and even milestone emails for special occasions, such as a customer’s birthday.

All of these features save you time and money, helping you maintain regular contact with your visitors, without needing to manually create and manage each individually ad or email. Treating your customers like individuals, with specific needs, interests, and preferences is the very essence of the personalized remarketing software we offer, due to the fact that it blends efficiency and personalization into one marketing automation tool.

Differentiating from the competition

The eCommerce sector is very competitive, but Retargeting can help you differentiate from the competition and be one step above it. Marketing automation is a relatively new concept so why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Increased conversion rate

Since most people who first visit a website are rarely determined to make a purchase, Retargeting increases the chances of reaching potential customers who are ready to buy, due to the fact that they already visited your website. Visitors who click on a popup retargeting ad are much more inclined to be interested in buying a certain product.

A bigger conversion rate is the main objective of a website that decides to use a personalized remarketing software for its marketing strategy.

Traffic transforms into leads. Encouraging visitors to return to your website and connect with your brand leads to increasing conversion. Focusing on visitors that expressed their interest in your products and serving them relevant ads will significantly raise the chances to convert into customers. creste vanzarile magazinului tau online cu pana la 100%

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