Retargeting - a Live Trigger Marketing Automation Software

In a world where the relationship between an eCommerce business and its customers is perfect, the majority of a website's visitors is interested in its products and make a purchase from their first visit. But this type of world is far from reality, due to the fact that only 3% of a website's visitors convert to customers from their first visit.

Thanks to Retargeting.Biz, this small percentage is no longer an issue. The whole concept of "retargeting" was invented in order to help you sell more, assisting your eCommerce business to fulfill its objectives.

One of the basic concepts behind retargeting is the trigger. A trigger is a scenario that activates when a visitor acts in a predetermined manner. There are three important categories of triggers that are used by

- live triggers
- email triggers
- SMS triggers.

Live triggers are real-time messages displayed on a website, while a visitor is browsing for a certain product. Retargeting's job is to keep that visitor interested as much as possible, with the purpose of converting him/her into a customer.

One of the most efficient live triggers is the Live Cart Saver. This live trigger is able to know when visitors are heading over the "X" button and wish to exit your website and, using a short message that also contains a call to action, will catch their attention and turn it to the products they are interested in.

Another important live trigger that Retargeting.Biz makes use of is the Live Product Recommender. Based on a visitor's browsing history, it can identify the products that are most likely to be purchased, and send them a personalized message containing a special offer for the products they were already interested in! People appreciate personalized messages because it makes them feel important for you. Offering them a special discount or no shipping fee will increase the chance of converting them into customers.

Last, but not the least, there is the Live Dynamic Subscription. It's well known that a big subscriber list is a valuable asset. It's very important to build one because real marketers don't buy email lists. The Live Dynamic Subscription is the perfect marketing automation instrument for turning visitors to newsletter subscribers, using a simple popup window.

This is how you can benefit from, your Live Trigger Marketing Automation Software, making both your eCommerce website grow and your life easier because, once implemented, the only thing you have to do is to watch your conversion rate and your online sales increase. creste vanzarile magazinului tau online cu pana la 100%

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