What is the live popup dynamic subscription?

The dynamic subscription is, basically, a live trigger, which is an essential part of marketing automation, very efficient when potential customers are browsing your website in search for products. This is the moment when Retargeting.biz puts the live popup dynamic subscription into use, displaying a live message while your visitor is still interested in your products, saying, for example, “Hi! We can tell that you are new on our online store. Please subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll get a discount on your first order” or ““Hello! Welcome to our online store! Please subscribe to our newsletter and we will waive your shipping fee for the first order”.

Retargeting converts first-time visitors into subscribers and then into customers, using marketing automation technology to detect the moment when a visitor is about to leave your website in order to display a pleasant popup ad asking for the visitor’s email address.

Completely Customizable Design

Having full access to the Retargeting.biz admin dashboard, you can use one of our templates or edit the template of the live popup dynamic subscription however you want in order to suit your objectives.

Retargeting.biz gives you full control of the background/button color, text color, text font, and more so you can completely match your marketing automation software to the design of your site.

Reward your visitors for subscription with email triggers

Retargeting is a marketing automation tool that has a simple and efficient logic behind it and that’s why it’s always working. The fact that a user subscribes to your newsletter speaks about the level of trust he has in your eCommerce store. So, if they give you their email address, you should reward them. How? By sending personalized emails in which you offer them a small discount for their first purchase, along with several recommendations based on their browsing behavior, which is pre-analyzed by Retargeting.biz.

What are the results? Your potential customers will become loyal customers, making more and more purchases, being motivated by three aspects:

- they genuinely feel you care about them
- you showed them you want to help them decide on which products suits their needs
- you demonstrated you are better than other online stores, providing them a unique customer experience

Start using Retargeting right now in order to increase your conversion rate, improve ROI, reduce costs and consolidate your brand awareness!

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