For most eCommerce businesses, only 2% of the visitors convert when they access the website for the first time. Retargeting is the marketing automation tool that helps you reach the other 98% of visitors, reconnect with them and convert them into customers. But in order for the conversion to be possible, an identification of visitors to your website needs to be done properly.

How does Retargeting track and identify visitors?

Retargeting is a marketing automation software that uses cookies to anonymously track and analyze your visitors’ browsing behavior all over the Web. It works the following way: a piece of javascript code (also called “pixel”) is placed on your website. The code cannot be noticed by your website’s visitors and it doesn’t affect your site’s performance either. Every time a new visitor accesses your online store, the code places an anonymous browser cookie. This way, the cookie will let Retargeting identify the visitors that have shown interest in your website and allow it to serve ads exclusively to them.

Retargeting identifies your visitors and serves your ads to them by a set of live triggers

Right after the visitors are tagged with a unique “cookie”, Retargeting starts studying their browsing behavior and serves them ads regarding the products they are interested in. This happens in real time, marketing automation doing all the work for you, using live triggers.

Live triggers are series of live messages which are activated automatically and follow predetermined scenarios. Compared to other types of messages, like email and SMS, live triggers are pop up retargeting ads that are displayed directly on your website, as the visitor is browsing.

The most important 3 live triggers that Retargeting currently operates with are the Live Cart Abandonment / Live Cart Saver, the Live product recommender and the Live dynamic subscription. Each trigger has an advanced algorithm integrated into the platform that helps you send only the most suitable message for each type of specific scenario.

Click – Return – Convert – Increased Sales

This is the process flow of Retargeting. Once our marketing automation tool identifies one of your visitors and shows them your ad, the user may click on it and return to your website. If he takes the decision to purchase one of your products, the conversion is done. Now he is one of your customers, contributing to the increase of your sales revenue.

Traditional banner ads have a CTR (click through rate) of around 0,1%, while popup retargeting ads have astonishing results, being clicked 200-400% more often. The explanation is the focus on visitors that have shown a prior interest in your products. These results speak for themselves and are the reason why every online business should use retargeting. Also, it keeps your brand visible for your visitors, reminding them in an efficient way about your products. creste vanzarile magazinului tau online cu pana la 100%

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