Email Triggers – an effective way to increase conversion rate and revenue

Email triggers are automated emails that are created based on a specific event, such as an action (or lack of action) or a change in a visitor’s browsing behavior while visiting your website.

Email triggers are important instruments for any marketer because they allow them to create automated, personalized and relevant messages that are sent to the right users, at the right time, while they are still interested in their products.

Examples of email triggers used by

Cart abandonment/cart saver email trigger

The cart abandonment/cart saver is one of our best performing automated email message. It activates when a customer has added a product to their online shopping cart and then leaves the website without finalizing the order, thus without making any purchase. The email is sent at a specific time and its goal is to convince the potential customer to complete the purchase.


Product of interest email trigger

After you identify the products that each customer is interested in, can send them a personalized email offering a discount or a promotion. The aim is to send a dedicated message that focuses on products your potential customers really need, and stimulate them to take action and complete a purchase.

Inactivity email trigger

Returning customers bring more than 80% of the total revenue for eCommerce businesses. That’s why we have created an automated inactivity email trigger that activates when your customers haven’t visited your website for a predetermined period of time. This type of email updates your customers about the true benefits of returning to your website.

Other email triggers:

- Browse behavior
- Bounce behavior
- Cross-sell
- Dynamic Subscription
- Happy Birthday
- Social Sale
- F.A.Q/Help
- Black Friday
- Wish list


The benefits of using email triggers

They increase customer loyalty

Email triggers are an important part of great customer service, demonstrating that customers are your main concern and that your company cares about them, meeting their needs and interests.

They increase brand awareness

Responding relevantly to a customer’s behavior changes leads to an increase in brand awareness. This is possible because the messages you deliver suit your visitors’ immediate interests and needs. Even if the conversion is not happening on the spot, you have raised your potential customer’s awareness of your brand and this will pay off in the future.

They increase revenue

From top to bottom of the funnel, email triggers offer numerous opportunities to engage your customers at the right moment, while they’re thinking about your brand. This increases the chances convincing them to make a purchase and contribute to the increase of your sales revenue. creste vanzarile magazinului tau online cu pana la 100%

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