The Advantages of Behavioral Targeting for eCommerce Businesses analyzes your visitors’ browsing behavior so you can react accordingly using marketing automation triggers that relate to your customers’ needs. collects page view data on each visitor to your website. The data is anonymous until a visitor registers on your website. After registration, all page views that were collected up to that point are automatically linked to their contact record and future page views are tracked and recorded in real-time.

What information you will be able to know if you use behavioral targeting for your ecommerce business:

- when each potential customer visits your website
- the frequency of their visits
- the pages they viewed and their browsing paths

Each of your visitor’s profile becomes an individual case study, providing you with important information about your potential customer, that allows you to enable the right trigger when you initiate communication.

Know exactly what your customers need

Using behavioral targeting for your ecommerce business, you will have access to two important pieces of information about your visitor, based on their browsing behavior:

1) What are your potential customers interested in

You will be able to find out what are your visitors looking for and what content on your website is more relevant to them, based on the links they clicked.

2) The amount of interest they have in your products

Repeat visits and repeat page views mean that your visitor is interested in your content. A visitor that viewed a product page 6 times during two visits is probably more interested that somebody who viewed it only once. is a marketing automation software that uses over 40 different parameters in order to identify the products your visitors visualize and have the greatest odds of being purchased. helps you segment your potential customers in order to better personalize the messages you send to them. Thus you will be able to boost your ecommerce sales up to 100%. Start your 14-day free trial now! creste vanzarile magazinului tau online cu pana la 100%

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