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Retargeting – the best marketing automation tool for eCommerce

Marketing automation is a process that refers to a software tool designed to help you market more effectively on multiple online channels. Its purpose is to track end-to-end ROI for all of your marketing efforts in a single platform: Retargeting, the best marketing automation tool for eCommerce. There are numerous advantages in using Retargeting for your eCommerce business, all of them leading to an increase in your conversion rate and your online store revenue.

How does Retargeting work?

Retargeting makes everything easier and more efficient for your online business. It starts by monitoring the activity and behavior of your online visitors, profiling each of them using a proprietary algorithm. After the monitoring process, Retargeting begins to send automated and personalized messages, using different marketing automation tools. These messages are based on a set of predetermined triggers, and they can be sent via e-mail, via SMS, or directly on the site, under the form of live triggers or popup retargeting ads. Find out more about Retargeting’s marketing automation tools here (link catre features)

The efficiency of your retargeting strategy is ensured by our marketing automation analytics and multitesting dashboard, where you can track the success of each one of your retargeting campaigns and test different versions of messages in order to measure the results and optimize your conversion rate. Find out more about the analytics and multitesting feature here (link catre analytics si multitesting software)

How does your eCommerce business benefit from Retargeting?

Retargeting is the best marketing automation tool for eCommerce, focusing on Return on Investment, Conversion Rate Optimization, reduced labor costs, and increased sales revenue, saving you time and money in the long run. The time you spend on developing an efficient marketing automation strategy for your online business may turn out to be the most profitable work you do.

What Is the Value And ROI Of a Marketing Automation Software?

Companies should expect multiple benefits from using a marketing automation tool, such as more pipeline, lower labour costs and an increase in sales revenue.

Marketing specialists have concluded that B2C marketers who use complex marketing automation software experienced an increase in conversion rate as high as 50%, an increase in marketing staff productivity between 1.5 and 6.9% and a sales productivity growth of almost 4%.

Marketing automation tools bring value and Return on Investment, which makes them one of the most efficient marketing instruments at this hour.

What are the fundamental key points to successful marketing automation strategy?

Though there are many aspects to take into consideration for planning and managing a successful marketing automation strategy, there are two fundamental principles to keep in mind when developing a campaign that is built on a healthy business foundation:

1) The acknowledgement that marketing automation tools don’t do marketing and lead generation for you, but rather efficient marketing instruments that help you increase your conversion rate.

2) Focusing your marketing messages on the real, live persons that benefit from your products

That means we should treat them like a real person, not an abstract and fragmented target of our different marketing tools. This approach helps you understand the holistic purchasing needs of every customer, helping you profile them more accurately and build your marketing automation strategy in a personalized manner. creste vanzarile magazinului tau online cu pana la 100%

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