Monitoring Customers for eCommerce

Your customers are individuals with different needs and aspirations. So obviously, your marketing strategy shouldn’t apply to all of them, undifferentiated. As your eCommerce business evolves and your customer base grows, you should start thinking about a personalized approach. Sending the same email message or displaying the same ad for all of your existing and potential customers will come off as impersonal and your visitors could start losing their interest in your brand. Therefore, a user experience that is targeted intelligently will be more relevant to your audience and therefore more valuable.

Identification and monitoring customers for eCommerce purposes make marketing automation possible, which works by reacting to your customers’ browsing behavior using a set of predetermined triggers. When using marketing automation, the emphasis should be put on the identification of as many potential customers as possible, and then monitoring their browsing behaviour and orders.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to a tool or software that automatically sends messages that serve your marketing campaign, based on a set of predetermined triggers. Compared to newsletters and standard marketing campaigns that are destined to an entire list of people, marketing automation reacts differently every time an individual visitor meets your predetermined trigger.

For instance, if you have an eCommerce website and intend to send your new subscribers a 15% discount to encourage them to make an actual purchase and become your customers. An offer like this could actually convince them to buy from your eCommerce store, since they’ve expressed their interest in your products.

Manually creating and sending each message to each new visitor would be a huge waste of time and money. With a marketing automation tool like, you can create a message beforehand, for each type of visitor profile, and have it automatically sent to anybody who matches your trigger. Not only it will save you a huge amount of time, but it will also work! Studies show that marketing automated emails, for instance, have an 86% higher open rate, a 196% increase in CTR (click trough rate) and generate 320% more sales revenue than traditional email marketing campaigns.

Identification and monitoring customers in order to build their browsing behavior profiles using the gathered data is a key feature of This marketing automation tool proves its superiority to classic systems like CRM, ERP or email marketing. In addition, it enables the possibility to segment the traffic of your website more accurately than standard analytics tools. collects individual qualitative data, which is more precise and useful in building a remarketing strategy, while a typical analytics tool provides information based on quantitative traffic, better suited for other marketing purposes. Monitoring customers for eCommerce websites is efficient due to its advanced Cookies technology and user IP tracking.

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