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Converting and keeping your customers can be achieved only if you offer them the best shopping experience they ever had., the integrated eCommerce automation tool helps you customize the way you communicate with each and every customer, in order to convince them to buy the product they are really interested in.

Everybody asks for product recommendations from friends or family, and this has an important influence on which product they decide to purchase. Therefore, why not earn your customer’s trust by recommending them the products they really need and desire to buy?

The live product recommendation that makes to your visitors is a trigger that activates based on their browsing behavior (the items they view, the time spent on a certain product page, etc). Offering a personalized user experience leads to a greater brand awareness and loyalty, and also increases your eCommerce sales revenue.

Help your undecided customers make a choice using the Live Product Recommendation trigger!

There are many reasons why a customer can be undecided:

- you may have too many similar products
- they like more products from your offer but they can afford only one
- the product they are interested in has a higher price than their budget
- they think that they can find the same product on a different website but at a lower price

Using the Live Product Recommendation trigger from, the best eCommerce automation tool, undecided visitors become an opportunity to increase your conversion rate! helps you find out what product they really want, using their browsing history. The product with the highest chance of acquisition is identified, based on different parameters that are used by this marketing automation software. After that, the only thing that needs to be done is to display popup ad to your visitor, while he is still interested in that product, and make him a special offer for it.

The shopping experience you can deliver with will help you increase customer loyalty, repeat purchases, order volumes, conversion rate, CTR, and overall sales revenue!

Retargeting for E-Commerce will boost your online store sales up to 100%

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