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Due to the evolution of the internet and social media, today’s buying process give more control to the customers. The old-fashion process of generating leads by marketers and then passing them to the sales team is outdated. Companies engage with potential customers much earlier in the buying cycle. Therefore, the gap between the marketing and sales process is much smaller today.

Top marketers who understood the revolutionary principles of digital marketing are using new methods to bridge the gap between lead generation and sales. This is where Retargeting.biz acts like a lead generation software, using marketing automation in order to help marketers to:

• Convert website traffic into leads using dynamic popup retargeting ads on the landing page
• Analyze and measure the growing quality of leads using A/B testing
• Transform the visitors into sales-worthy leads and then into customers, using personalized email triggers

Popup Retargeting Ads on the landing page can increase your conversion rate

A Popup Retargeting Ad is a marketing automation live trigger that can be displayed on the landing page in order to engage your potential customers while they’re still interested in your products.

The landing page is the page that your visitors access when they first arrive on your website, either as a result of a Google Search or by clicking on an online ad. Displaying a personalized popup retargeting ad that corresponds directly to your landing page can help you address your customer’s needs better, resulting in greater chances to increase your conversion rate.

Statistics say that using marketing automation in conjunction with landing pages can increase your conversion rate up to 50%.

Personalize your marketing automation triggers using A/B testing

A/B testing helps you determine which version of the same ad or email converts the most leads. This form of testing helps you improve your processes by personalizing the layouts and messages you send to your potential customers. Retargeting.biz is a lead generation software that offers various methods of performing A/B testing on your ads and emails.

Marketing specialists concluded that A/B testing is very valuable for eCommerce businesses that wish to increase their conversion rates. A/B testing can reveal which version of your messages is the most appealing for your visitors. Statistics say that personalized emails generate revenue 6 times higher than non-personalized ones.

Personalize your email triggers and convert your visitors into customers

Email marketing is a very powerful instrument for generating leads and it should a part of every company’s marketing strategy. The objective is to guide your potential customers into the sales process, in order to convince them to make a purchase. Retargeting.biz offers your multiple email triggers that you can personalize in order to better suit the profile of your potential customers:

• Cart saver
• Product of interest
• Inactivity
• F.A.Q. Help
• Browse behavior
• Cross sell
• Happy birthday
• Black Friday
• Bounce behavior
• Dynamic subscription
• Social sale
• Wish list

Marketing specialists say that 60% of consumers actually read marketing emails. By personalization of your email campaigns based on demographic and browsing behavioral data, you can retarget your visitors more precisely using marketing automation.

With Retargeting.biz, you automatically develop more prospects and turn them into sales-ready leads. Use Retargeting.biz, the best lead generation software, and begin improving the number and quality of leads that can convert into customers.

Retargeting for E-Commerce will boost your online store sales up to 100%

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