How to increase conversion rate using marketing automation tools

When you are trying to get the attention of your targeted audience and to increase conversion rate, there is nothing more insightful than the opportunity to understand their online behavior. Just by understanding it, you can see what customized solutions you can offer them and how to convince them to buy your products, even if they abandoned their shopping cart before finalizing their order. This is where comes in and saves the day!

What is

Retargeting is a marketing automation tool, used to track the online behavior of users that can become future customers of your online business.

How does work?

For to work, a particular type of code is embedded on your website, which deposits cookies in the browsers of visitors who access one of your landing pages. This way, the marketing automation tool analyzes your visitors browsing behavior and anticipates their actions. Based on all these factors, will know when to run your ads.

There's no wonder that marketing automation tools are pure gold for digital marketers, boosting ad responses up to 400%, according to a CMO by Adobe report.

How come is so effective?

According to marketing specialists, only 2% of shoppers will buy something on their first visit to your site. This means 98% of the visitors that come to your website aren't convinced enough to convert or to buy a product. can help you win over this huge number of visitors, therefore increasing your conversion rate by offering them personalized results and it provides a higher chance to increase your conversions than most of the other ads.

How to increase conversion rate using marketing automation by

In addition to boosting ad responses, can help improve brand awareness and brand recall. Moreover, a successful retargeting campaign that uses this marketing automation tool can also lead to:

- 150% higher conversion rate when is combined with prospecting
- 72% more customers that are likely to convert
- 29% more visitors who return to complete the checkout process
- a click-through rate ten times higher than the rate for other ads

This number suggest the use of this marketing automation tool improves your conversion rate and assures the overall success of your business.

Retargeting for E-Commerce will boost your online store sales up to 100%

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