Email automation

Convert your visitors into customers using follow-up emails. Use email automation to increase the conversion rate for your eCommerce business and grow sales by 63% and save 85% of your time.

Personalized email campaigns help your eCommerce business engage with visitors, based on their browsing behavior. This type of campaigns allows you to customize the messages you send to your potential customers, helping you benefit as much as possible from communicating with your target audience.

Around 80% of your direct mail budget can be saved using email automation. Tracking the activity and behavior of your target audience provides you with insights about their preferences and needs. Once you find out what they are interested in, you can initiate an efficient communication with them, sending them messages that meet their requirements.

These messages can be automated to be sent out on the spot or scheduled for a later date and time, depending on the visitor’s activity. Nurturing potential customers helps you build trust and loyalty, increasing your revenue and ROI. Studies have demonstrated that nurtured leads make 47% bigger purchases, compared to non-nurtured leads.

What is email automation?

Email automation is the most efficient way to run a strong email marketing strategy, due to the possibility to send messages to your customers at specific times. Sending individualized messages to each of your customers in particular is time-consuming and expensive. Using email automation software, you can send individualized messages to your audience, based on a set of predetermined triggers related to your customers’ profile. Even if the word “automation” sounds robotic, it actually helps eCommerce business owners to engage in closer relationships with their potential customers, while also improving brand awareness.

The advantages of email automation

1) Email marketing is effective

Email marketing remains one of the most efficient marketing instruments for the majority of online businesses. Over 90% percent of consumers use email daily, therefore, email marketing is 40 times more effective for gaining prospects than social media, and three times more likely to increase your conversion rate.

2) It saves you time and money

Email automation provides a better ROI than manually written emails. Automated emails based on event-triggers can save around 80% of a direct mail budget.

3) It consolidates your brand and increases your customer engagement and retention

Email automation is a quick and easy way to stay close to your customers and encourage them to buy your products.

4) It provides you with useful analytics

Using key performance indicators like conversion rate or CTR (click-through rate) to evaluate your email campaign is a great way to constantly improve the quality of your messages.

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