Use dynamic retargeting to increase your conversion rate and sales revenue

Dynamic retargeting is a marketing automation strategy that allows advertisers personalize the ads witch feature products and offers that are relevant to their potential customers.

Most marketing campaigns serve static ads, meaning that the content of the ad is unchanging and is always served to a predetermined segment of the targeted visitors.

Using dynamic retargeting, you will be able to pull information from your website’s product feeds (images, prices, product names) and insert that content in your ads. Therefore, your ad itself will be dynamic, due to the fact that it always changes based on what data collects about your visitors' browsing behavior while visiting your website.

For example, if you own an online shop that sells clothes and you are running a dynamic retargeting campaign, when the visitors that abandoned the shopping cart see the ads, they will present products they previously added to their carts.

The direct result of using dynamic retargeting is a click rate that is 2-3 times higher for dynamic ads over static ads. Also, the efficiency of using dynamic retargeting translates in a reduced cart abandonment rate, an increase in cross-sell and up-sell and, most of all, in an increased conversion rate and a maximized ROI.

Dynamic retargeting is a powerful advertising strategy that uses personalized ads based on a visitor’s past engagement. There are multiple criteria by which you can personalize your ads: the products that potential customers expressed their interest in, items found in the abandoned shopping cart, demographics, or even past purchases.

Dynamic Retargeting vs Dynamic Remarketing

Even if the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a distinction between them.

Dynamic Remarketing is Google’s term for Dynamic Retargeting, and it’s a product that was recently added to their offerings for advertisers. Quite similar to dynamic retargeting services offered by independent platforms, Google’s Dynamic Remarketing uses cookie-technology to generate advanced customized ads. Dynamic Remarketing helps eCommerce businesses serve ads based on the browsing behavior of visitors, displaying only the ads that have the greatest odds to generate website traffic and to increase conversion rates. For the moment, Google offers the Dynamic Remarketing service exclusively to vendors that have a Google Merchant account.

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