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Retargeting is not only one of the best Marketing Automation tools, but also an Analytics and Multitesting software that helps you grow your eCommerce business.
Using the right tool for the job always yields the best results. So why not use a piece of software that provides you with analytics and data best suited for your business?

Retargeting is the only marketing automation tool designed especially for the eCommerce market, which provides user level analytics for your customers.

Tracking and storing every action that your visitors are making, gives you a better way of understanding your customer journey and determine where are some pain points and what you should improve.

You can also determine which are the customers that bring the biggest value, the messages that are performing the best, the location of each customer.


Retargeting’s greatest advantage is its ability to make your brand visible to your visitors while they browse the web. However, the efficiency of the retargeting ads decreases if the same ads are served up to your visitors, over and over.

According to a ReTargeter study, the click rate decreases by 50% after five months of running the same set of ads. Users will start losing interest if exposed to the same ads repeatedly, beginning to perceive the ads as an annoying background. By rotating your ads in an efficient way, you can avoid this situation.

Allocating sufficient resources to making aesthetic and pleasant designs for your ads is crucial, the banners on your website being an important factor that determines the success of your retargeting campaign. Overcrowding your ads with text will not do any good. Instead, they will distract your audience and stop you from achieving your objective: to capture the attention of your audience and keep it.

This is where the Analytics and Multitesting feature of Retargeting comes into play.

Testing everything twice is what makes the difference between good and great marketers. Every great marketer nowadays is testing at least two versions of a message (A/B testing) before sending it to everyone else.

But why test only two versions at a time, when you have the possibility to test all the versions that you need?

Retargeting is the optimal analytics and multitesting software, providing multitesting capabilities for all our 15 triggered messages, already present in our marketing automation tool. You can run tests for each and every single one of the email or live triggers and be certain that you are using the best message in order to get even higher conversion rates and revenue.

Setting up multiple variations for a message is incredibly easy and it takes less than 1 minute. You can run how many tests you want, and measure the results directly on each message.

For each test that you run, the winner can be determined manually, after individually reviewing the performance or automatically depending on some preset key metrics. Once you have chosen the winner variation it will go live and automatically replace your current email template.

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