Abandoned cart emails

Looking for more revenue from the traffic you already have? Do you want to increase your conversion rate?

Recover 15% or more of visitors who abandon their shopping cart on your website, using marketing automation, and turn them into loyal customers!

eCommerce is a tough battlefield for marketers. Just think about how much effort, time and money you put at stakes when trying to get potential customers for your online business.

The majority of your visitors access your website, browse your products, add some of them to their shopping cart, begin the checkout process, and then 71% of them abandon their shopping carts and disappear. That means that for every $300 you earn from sales, you let another $700 go to your competitors.

But this can change. Recovering many of these lost potential customers is easy with Retargeting.biz, the best marketing automation tool!

Retargeting.biz engages your potential customers and brings them back to your site, monitoring every cart abandonment case and sending them personalized, conversion-focused emails to convince them to finalize their order.

Recover your potential customers with abandoned cart emails

With Retargeting.biz you can create automated behavioral triggers to recover your potential customers and consolidate your customer relationships. For example, you can reach out to passive customers, send them abandoned cart emails based on their browsing behavior, notify shoppers when products that were out of stock have been replenished, and many more.

Include product recommendations in your abandoned cart emails

We recommend you to integrate personalized product recommendations in every email you send to your potential customers and improve CTRs and conversion rates. Specialists have shown that personalized emails improve CTRs by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

Online shops can decrease the cart abandonment rate by retargeting online visitors, using email triggers after they leave the site. Retargeting.biz identifies every user who left your website after abandoning their shopping cart and will send them a personalized email, inviting them to complete their purchase, while also offering them a small incentive. These abandoned cart emails are sent between 15 minutes and 3-4 hours after the shopper abandoned their cart, and they have an average 71% open rate and 40% click-through rate, according to marketing automation specialists.

What eCommerce platforms are compatible with Retargeting's abandoned cart email feature?

Implementing Retargeting.biz takes less than 3 minutes.

Retargeting.biz is compatible with most e-commerce platforms: Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, WooCommerce, CSCart, Shopmania, Avanticart, Gomag, Teamshare, ContentSpeed, nopCommerce, Seliton, Shoper, BigCommerce, WP-eCommerce.

If your e-commerce platform is not yet supported by an extension, our General Documentation will help you get started.

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