What is a live trigger?

It's a trigger that's displayed live, on the website, while the visitor is still browsing. This way Retargeting will engage them while they're still interested in your products which will results in a higher conversion rate.

What is the dynamic subscription?

The dynamic subscription live trigger is the perfect tool to transform your visitors into newsletter subscribers. After browsing through a couple of pages in your website they'll see a message saying "Hello, we can see that you're new on the website, leave us your e-mail address and you'll receive 5% off on your first order". You will be able to edit every aspect of the trigger in the Retargeting admin.

What is the Live Product Recommender? Is it a live discount message?

Yes, it's just like a live discount message and it's the most performant marketing trigger we have, with an average conversion rate of over 21%. While someone is browsing, we will see what product they spend more time on so to find out the product of interest, and then we will give them a message with an exclusive one-time offer if they buys that product right then and there.

Is the design for the marketing live triggers standard?

No, you can change the template, the text, the offer, the button, everything. Retargeting gives you the opportunity to create a trigger that will match your shop's visual identity, so your visitors will know that the offer comes from you, not from a third party website, thus increasing trust.

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