• Google Programmatic Remarketing

    There are around 4 billion Internet users in the world and about 4,5 billions searches per day on Google. If you want to give your business an online presence, Google is what every business should be steering their online campaign towards. The number of people that use it on a daily basis is an exceptionally high number that is always on the rise

    The best reason to advertise on Google is quite simply! People use it for the exact same reason: to find stuff.

    Find your way to success!

    Google leads the way as the gateway consumers use to get information on products and then making purchases. This is the place to catch potential customers when they are actively searching to buy what you have to offer!

    On average, around 98% of web stores’ visitors end their visit without making a purchase. 70% of them will never go back to that web store.

    The power of Google!

    This is where Google’s Remarketing capabilities offer unparalleled advantages for the web store owner. Instead of giving up on those 98% that the merchant worked hard to drive into the online store, the merchant gets a second chance (and a third, and a fourth, etc.) to drive those visitors back. The web store can now show the returning visitor the products they were after, luring them back in with the best promotion for those products.

    • Someone visits your website once, doesn`t convert, and goes on with their day. How in the world do you win them back? Make them come back with personalized Google Ads.

      While many businesses obsess over new customer acquisition, at the current level of competition this is a very challenging task. Instead of focusing entirely on new customer, increase the value of current customers. Find complementary products or services that align with their buying behavior, then match ads to those users as they visit other websites. Customers perceive cross-selling products as useful and therefore treat them positively. As a result, sellers can gain more trust and extend the lifetime value of each customer.

      Visitors Remarketing
    • Online sellers dread it when shoppers put products in their carts, some even go to the checkout page, but, for some reason, those shoppers exit the e-shop before finishing the orders, some never to return. It’s time to stop this trend of abandoned carts.

      Despite major advancements in technology and e-commerce user experience design, the average cart abandonment rate has remained constant. Cart abandonment is a problem that costs online retailers billions of dollars in lost revenue every year. However, an abandoned cart can be a source of information. Such information can be useful in creating targeted Google Ads which will display exactly the items of interest, making them that much more efficient.

      Abandoned Cart Recovery
    • “Knowledge is power” & Google knows everything. As a business owner or digital marketer, that is something you can’t miss the chance to leverage.

      Google is one of the best places to get new prospective customers for your business. Using the right targeting is essential for reaching the people who are most likely to purchase your products and services. Connect with new audiences wherever they are while you keep engaging them and driving them to convert.

      A Lookalike Audience is a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they have similar traits or interests with your best existing customers.

      The similar audience is created by looking at your existing data and finding new and qualified customers who have shared interests with that audience. It’s a powerful,  yet simple   way to reach new prospects.

      Lookalike Visitor Targeting
  • Facebook & Instagram Dynamic Ads

    Facebook is the largest and most powerful social ad network. You can find almost half the world’s Internet population on Facebook with over 1.32 billion daily active users. Although Instagram’s user base is smaller by comparison, the differences in the demographic profile makes it stand out in many ways. The content is geared more towards visual.

    The possibilities are endless!

    If you are targeting older people, Facebook Ads is your best bet. If you are targeting a young audience, Instagram Ads is your obvious choice. Pick the one that fits your needs, and get started.

    With around 2 billion monthly active users, the largest number of ecommerce orders from social media and a typical ROI from Facebook ads at 152%, not advertising on the platform is a missed opportunity.

    Give them what they want!

    In a world overrun by advertising, consumers are either becoming immune or actively taking steps to replace ads altogether. That’s why the average ad banner click-through rate is 0.1%. You don’t beat these bleak numbers with more ads. You do it through better ones. Specifically, with ads that are better targeted and more relevant. And Facebook Dynamic Ads are one of the best ways to do that.

    The delivery of the right marketing message, to the right person, at the right time pays huge dividends. Specifically, greater click-through rates and conversions.

    • In a perfect world, most visitors are interested in your products and buy them from their first visit. Unfortunately, just an average of around 1% of a website’s visitors convert. The other 99% are lost, often never to return. A bit sad, but this is the reality. This isn’t set in stone though.

      Make them come back with personalized Facebook Ads.

      Visitors Retargeting
    • Unfinished transactions represent a problem for online shops and online marketers. However infuriating an abandoned cart can be, it’s also a source of information. Such information can be useful in creating targeted Facebook Ads which will display exactly the items of interest, making them that much more efficient.

      Abandoned Cart Retargeting
    • With about 2 billion people on Facebook on a daily basis and over 500 million accounts on Instagram, the potential number of customers you could to reach is huge. Whether you want your ads to be shown based on age, location or hobby, you can connect to the people who are most likely to be interested in what your business offers.

      A Lookalike Audience is a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar in their interests, demographics or browsing behaviour to your best existing customers.

      When you create a Lookalike Audience, you choose a source audience and identify the common qualities of the people in it. Then we find people who are similar to them.

      Buyer Lookalike Targeting
    • Facebook is one of the best places to get new prospective customers for your business. Using the right targeting is essential for reaching the people who are most likely to purchase your products and services. Connect with new audiences wherever they may be, while you keep engaging them and drive them to convert.

      Custom Audience Targeting
  • Recommendation engine

    E-commerce is, by itself, a revolution, where the natural human behaviour of walking into a store, touching a product and buying said product was turned on its head! Overnight, we were expected to look at a screen and decide what to purchase and what not based on images and descriptions

    The incredible convenience of getting home deliveries made e-commerce a superhit industry. But, that’s not all. The revolution got even more revolutionary! Today, online commerce redefines business by unlocking endless possibilities with Artificial Intelligence and the unimaginable proportions of personalization the technology brings to the table.

    We’re still at the dawn of AI adoption in ecommerce and brands have yet to fully grasp all the ways in which it will be a game changer.

    A new frontier that will redefine the consumer-brand relationship

    According to new research, 8 in 10 marketing execs believe AI is going to revolutionize the marketing industry by 2020, and an even greater percentage of marketers in general, about 86 percent, believe AI will make their work more efficient and effective.

    Recommendation engine: The AI revolution of e-commerce!

    Online shops provide numerous products and customers usually take a large amount of time to find their favorites. Browsing lots of pages will make consumers run off due to information overload. So, it becomes increasingly important for companies to map their behaviour and provide them with relevant information according to their preferences and tastes.

    Retargeting.Biz Recommendation engine, an advanced business intelligence platform, built on Artificial Intelligence, helps online shops provide completely personalized decision-making support, by studying the behavior of their users and making the most personalized recommendations.

    • Recommendation engine: The AI revolution of e-commerce!

      Online shops provide numerous products and customers usually take a large amount of time to find their favorites. Browsing lots of pages will make consumers run off due to the information overload. So, it becomes increasingly important for companies to map and provide them with the relevant information according to their preferences and tastes.

      Retargeting Recommendation engine, an advanced business intelligence platform, built on Artificial Intelligence, helps online shops provide completely personalized decision-making support, by studying the behavior of their users and making the most personalized recommendations.

      Recommendation engine
  • Personalized Emails

    What are Personalized Emails

    Personalized emails represent a series of messages which are activated automatically by a series of predetermined scenarios.

    The content included in each email is automatically personalized and provides a further incentive for your customers to return to your website, finalize their orders or just buy more of your products.

    Retargeting is a very efficient and precise tool and it allows you to target website visitors according to their distinct interest in your site. Not everybody knows your privacy policy or your shipping fees so they`re going to look for it on the page. This means that they will eventually land on your FAQ or Help page, which is a sign for us. Our reaction is natural - we need to send him a personalized email with more information, because that`s what he was looking for. There is no point in waiting for him to place an order, since he probably needs to know a thing or two first.

    With our email marketing software you’ll provide assistance in a timely manner so you can increase the chances of closing the sale. Personalized emails can supply further information about your e-commerce website, the products he was browsing for and wave in calls to action when you answer prospect questions. Also, with retargeting you can go from providing information to conversions. Encourage him to click through to your product landing page and see what great merchandise you have in store for him. This way we`ll work together to solve the client`s problem so he could place the order for his favorite products.

    • This is the email that will make the difference between a lost and a new order.

      How does it work? It`s pretty simple, just like everything else with Retargeting. We monitor the user`s activity on the website and we know when they click on that beautiful button called "add to cart". After that the natural flow would be to place the order, but unfortunately not everybody does that.

      Why do users abandon a shopping cart?

      Retailers often ask themselves why people leave their website without paying. Some of the main reasons for this user behavior are because they were just browsing, they were presented with unexpected costs, they found a better price elsewhere or they found the overall price too expensive. Other reasons range from the process was taking too long, concerns about payment security or to the fact that the price was presented in a foreign currency. Consumers also may find that delivery options were not suitable for them, they found payment security checks too excessive or that payment was declined.

      Cart abandonment doesn’t always mean lost sales

      Statistics show that 63% of abandoned shopping carts are potentially recoverable by those retailers who use marketing automation software and offer those who left their website because of costs a discount or free shipping. Website visitors who leave different products in their shopping cart don’t automatically translate to lost sales, because three fourths of them intend to return to make the purchase, but they need a push. Abandoned carts are just a part of a complex series of steps a shopper might take before placing the order, and they need to be seen as an indicator of interest in the product of the brand.

      Retargeting helps people place their orders

      Online stores can reduce the rate of cart abandonment by retargeting online consumers with personalized emails after they leave the site. Retargeting.biz knows who left the website with products in their cart and will send them an email to show them what great products they forgot in their cart and offer a small incentive in order to come back and finish the order. These personalized emails are sent between 15 minutes and 3-4 hours after the shopper abandoned their cart, and they have an average 71% open rate and a 40% click-through rate according to marketing automation specialists.

      At this point, you`re probably wondering what happens if the email is not opened or clicked. Well, we have a solution for that, but it`s up to you if you want to use it or not - the reminder.

      All email triggers, including the cart abandonment one, can be followed by a reminder. You can send this in 3 different cases:
      - if the initial trigger was not opened
      - if the initial trigger was not clicked
      - if the initial trigger did not generate a sale

      If you ask us, we will always send the email reminder to the people that haven`t opened the first message. And our tests have proved us right: in many cases the reminder has a higher conversion rate than the initial email. This series of personalized emails is sent at different intervals after they have abandoned the cart and should include pictures of the products that they selected, information about the guarantee and refund policy, reviews from other consumers and a strong call to action to return to your online store, reconnect with your company and make the purchase.

      Cart Abandonment

      63% of abandoned shopping carts are potentially recoverable

    • Marketing automation helps E-commerce websites to reconnect with the visitors who leave without converting, and this accounts for 98% of all web traffic. Online users subject to retargeting, also called remarketing or behavioral marketing, are on average 70% more likely to complete a conversion compared to non-retargeted users, because the communication between your company and your potential clients is personalized, based on user activity on your website. This way you provide value to your online customers and you can solve their problems.

      Product follow up is a newborn in the Retargeting family that emerged from the need to send the perfect product and seal the deal. We know what products your visitors are looking at so we are able to identify the products with the highest chance of acquisition - if someone is looking at 5 different TVs, they will definitely want to buy a TV and not a laptop. In this situation we would normally send them a personalized email with 3 TVs that would be of interest to them, based on the price range, brand and category. This personalized approach considerably increases the chances of acquisition and helps you gain a client for life, as they realize they can rely on you to help them get to the bottom of their problem.

      Personalized emails with the product follow up make your potential clients happy

      What if a client spent 5 minutes looking at one product and only 1 minute looking at the others? Would that product be more interesting than the others? Yes, it would. The more time they look at one commodity, it’s more likely that they want it. They really do. In this situation there is no point in sending them 3 products, because we already know which one they like most so we`ll focus on that and help seal the deal - one personalized email, one special offer just for the client, one product. That`s all they need at that moment to be happy.

      The nature of remarketing campaigns is to revitalize communications with the people that visit your website until they convert. And this means you have to adapt your offers to suit their needs. With retargeting and personalized emails that contain the product of interest you keep performance high in your remarketing campaign. Retargeting is a behavior based marketing strategy and an amazing tool and you have to make the most of it.

      Product Follow Up

      “ ...if someone is looking at 5 different TVs, they will definitely want to buy a TV and not a laptop ”

    • Create more revenue from inactive users with retargeting

      You’re probably wondering how you can do that. Well, with just a couple of clicks, you can create a new personalized email that will bring back old friends. It`s up to you after how many days of inactivity (no visits to your website) the email will go; 30, 45, 60 or 90 days. You can ask them to subscribe for very useful information and news about special prices and offers or you can give them an incentive for them to take action. This is the easiest way to increase your revenue - selling to somebody that already knows who you are and what you`re doing.

      Retargeting allows marketing departments to increase the value of their user acquisition investments. Everybody wants to eliminate or at least reduce the potential customers that never come back after a certain period. With this email automation software you can bring back a significant amount of the people that didn’t make any connection with your website for a while. Personalized emails are an essential part of your retargeting strategy because they stimulate recent inactive subscribers to become active once again. They increase the visitors’ interaction with your business and create more revenue from them.


      “ ...if someone is looking at 5 different TVs, they will definitely want to buy a TV and not a laptop ”

    • What if you could convince some of them to place an order?

      That will make your day, for sure, and theirs as well!

      Retargeting software can see the products people are looking at, and after analyzing over 40 different parameters, it can identify those products with the highest chance of acquisition. This marketing automation tool helps you segment site visitors in order to send more refined retargeting messages. Besides the usual demographics of gender and age which can be found in Google Analytics or other advertising platforms, Retargeting.biz can use this email marketing software to present very important information about category, brands and products of interest or user behavior on the website, starting with the landing page and ending with the order placement.

      Once that is done, you can develop a strategy according to their place in the sales funnel. If they are at the top, just browsing, a retargeting strategy is very important to increase brand awareness. With personalized emails you can engage the audience in the mid funnel, who has already visited several website pages, so that users provide you with their email address. Also, this retargeting software helps you deal more efficiently with people at the lowest level in the sales funnel, those who are both informed and engaged, but haven’t converted yet into customers. This tool has a strong call to action so that 98% of window shoppers became satisfied clients. At this stage you just send a personalized email with the right products at the right time and the right offer.

      What would you say if you looked at a couple of products while you were still at the office and then, when you get home, receive an email with a discount for the same products? We are sure that you would be very happy that the shop appreciates you and you would return the favor by placing an order.

      Browse Follow Up

      “ Around 98% of your traffic is there just to browse the website ”

    • A high bounce rate is the biggest nightmare of anyone working in the online marketing industry. With this in mind, defining how to reduce your bounce rate is a top priority for anyone looking to maximize the effectiveness and profitability of their online shop. Retargeting may have a solution that will help you sleep at night.

      Unfortunately we don`t know the answer to the problem, but we have a way to lower the bounce rate and transform this from a real headache into a smaller problem. With our email marketing software you can use a personalized email called "bounce follow up" to send the top 3 most popular products from last week - there must be a reason why these products were so popular, right?

      We think that people are not engaging with the website because the landing page is not what they`re looking for - they don`t like the products, you don`t have their size, there are no recommended products or they`re not in a buying mood. Since they`re not browsing through your products there is no way for us to find out what they`re interested in; going after the product they clicked on is not right since they`re leaving the website, so it wasn`t interesting enough for them to stick around.

      The best part is that this personalized email will reduce your bounce rate and bring back traffic to your website, traffic that otherwise would`ve been lost. With retargeting software you`ll show your customers what your most popular products are, and there`s a high probability that they will be interested in these. It`s a win-win situation!

      Bounce Follow Up
    • This is a secret sauce that many companies have not yet discovered and they`re too afraid to take the first steps. No problem, we`ve been there and done that for them.

      The cross sell is an amazing tool if you put it in the right hands, but can be a total disaster for your sales if not applied properly. Fortunately for you, Retargeting.biz has been down this road before, learned everything there is to know and we`re here, ready to do all the hard work for you.

      How can cross sell improve your business?

      So, what is cross sell? That is when you convince the client to spend more money on your website by adding more products from categories other than the one being viewed or bought. The goods should be related, so that the customers get the full experience from you, and not from different online stores. It’s like going to a fast food restaurant and, when you order a burger, the cashier asks you “Would you like fries with that?” But cross sell can only be efficient if you use marketing automation and the only way you can automate this is with the help of email marketing software.

      Our company will analyze the browsing behavior of everybody on the site and see what products, from different categories, are a possible match. Laptops and headsets? Check. TVs and audio systems? Check. Shirt and a tie? Check. With all this information we create an independent system that will give us better matching products, thus increasing the chance of acquisition. And to finish up the process, while doing this we take a peek at your orders and see if any of our combos were bought together.

      Cross sell with personalized emails

      At the end, we wrap everything up in a beautiful personalized email and send it maybe a week or two after the customer received their order. This way they have plenty of time to test the products and they will actually need what we`re going to send them. When combined, personalized emails and cross-sell make a powerful marketing automation tool. If you always recommend your visitors another product that completes the one viewed or purchased, people will feel they can rely on you for improving their lives, and the chances that they will go somewhere else to buy what they need drops significantly.

      Cross sell and retargeting make a lovely couple, because those personalized emails in which you offer something more are personalized and show that you pay special attention to every customer. You have to keep in mind that knowing your specific audience is an essential factor in determining the success of your marketing campaign. Use retargeting software to cross sell additional products to newly acquired buyers and both you and your customers will benefit from this.

      Cross Sell

      “ Our company will analyze the browsing behavior of everybody on the site and see what products, ...are a possible match.

    • To better understand the concept of dynamic subscription you need to become familiar with our behavioral pop-ups, which are an essential part of marketing automation. That is when a potential customer is browsing your online store in search of the products they need and suddenly you display a live message, with the help of our retargeting software, while they are still interested in your brand or your goods.

      The same procedure is applied when it comes to subscriptions. While the visitor is still browsing, you display a behavioral pop-up to them saying “Hi! We can tell that you are new on our online store. Please subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll get a discount on your first order”. Since you have full access to the Retargeting admin, you can edit the template of the subscription behavioral pop-up or you can use one of our templates. When a new visitor subscribes to your newsletter via our live dynamic subscription, they must receive a confirmation right? And what better moment to suggest a couple of products to them than right after they decided to trust you?

      Reward your website visitors for subscribing with personalized emails

      The logic behind it is very simple and straightforward and that`s why this works. Subscribing to a newsletter means that you trust that online shop enough to give them your email address. The reward is that the shop sends a personalized email and gives you a small discount for your first order along with a couple of recommendations based on your browsing behavior, collected with the help of our retargeting software.The result is that your clients will buy more, because you show them that you care about them from the very beginning, that you want to help them by providing personalized recommendations and that you`ll be better than the other shops they ever engaged with.

      First impressions do count and you need to make your visitors trust you with their contact information. After that, our email marketing software helps you impress the online shoppers with an individualized shopping experience. That’s when you offer an incentive for them to place their first order. This is why retargeting is a great marketing tool and has taken the online world by storm. It helps you achieve a better conversion rate, improve ROI, reduce cost per impression and it’s cost effective branding. Retargeting.biz takes care of all the technicalities, leaving you more time to deal with strategy and branding.

      Subscription Confirmation

      “ Subscribing to a newsletter means that you trust that online shop enough to give them your email address. ”

    • Retargeting is a very powerful marketing automation tool and it’s here to stay. Everyone’s using it – from goods to online services, you can’t ignore it. And the best thing about it is that it’s continuing to improve and get even smarter about the things people do on the Internet, what they browse and what they buy.

      But, nowadays, a productive and cost-effective marketing strategy needs to address more than just driving awareness and gaining new clients. Your customers purchasing efforts need a follow-up campaign so that you can build a long and lasting relationship with them. This way you increase your chances of getting customer loyalty which is very important because you don’t have to spend more money in getting people to become familiar with your brand and then convince them to buy.

      Use birthday personalized emails to gain loyalty and close sales

      Personalized email are one of the best ways to drive customer devotion and deliver sales objectives. These are pretty simple to manage and thanks to retargeting software they can be personalized and responsive. What better way to show a customer that you care other than sending him an email with all the best wishes on the most important day of the year? And a small discount, of course, as a token of your appreciation. This will help you create a relationship with your customers because there aren`t a lot of shops doing this so you`ll easily stand out of the crowd. They will appreciate you even more which means that whenever they need something, you`ll be their first choice - the bigger the retention rate, the more happy everybody you`ll be.

      According to statistics, 22% of a marketing budget is spent on emails, because it’s one of the highest performing channels from a return-on-investment (ROI) perspective. If you wish to build a strong and devoted community you have to take advantage of every opportunity to communicate and impress your customers. It’s a long-term process, but modern email automation software is available for you to start retargeting clients on their birthdays and prove them that you are a long-term partner.

      Happy Birthday

      22% of a marketing budget is spent on emails ”

    • Nowadays, customers have become highly informed and socially empowered. They use social networks like Facebook and Twitter to find out about the products they are interested, to make recommendations and find deals that suit them. An online business owner that wants to become top performer has to manage these channels very cleverly, because social selling isn’t just a way to increase revenue, it’s a way to build a strong brand. Marketers need to understand the role of content and how it can be used to reveal a powerful story.

      Retargeting helps persuading potential customers to convert

      Everybody is on Facebook, so when someone clicks the like button on your product page, that means something. It means that he really likes the product and it also means that all his friends just noticed that he liked that. So, with just one click, at least one hundred people saw your name. But it’s not enough to reach prospects through social media and deliver them great content so that they click the like button.

      You have to make a personal connection with that person with a personalized email and let him know that he matters a great deal for you. You can do this through retargeting, a very powerful tool in the hands of e-commerce business owners. This marketing automation software allows you to create not only familiarity, but also trust with your website and products. It helps you stay visible to potential customers, send them personalized email messages and persuade them to buy.

      Personalized emails reward your potential clients

      Should you reward the person who made that click? Of course you should, he was your brand ambassador for a minute. But besides promoting your brand on Facebook, he basically told you that he likes your product, which is gold. 99% of the people visiting your website never tell you anything, they don`t give you feedback or tell you why are they leaving the website. So that click really matters. And if that visitor took the time to click the "like" button, then you should take the time to send him a personalized email with a special offer, just for "the best fans out there", with a small discount and a thank you note. He`ll appreciate that incentive and will feel the need to return the favor and make the purchase.

      When they are done right, social sell and retargeting are very effective in relationship building, lead generation and most of all conversion. You need to have a solid game plan and reward those who show even a slight interest in your website with Retargetig.biz personalized emails.

      Social Sale

      99% of the people visiting your website never tell you anything ”

    • The Internet has lots of powerful tools to help e-commerce owners to maintain client mindshare and help them move forward in the sales funnel. One of the best and powerful marketing automation tool used for this is called Retargeting or behavioral remarketing. With today’s large number of advertising emails that get in our inbox, it’s very important that the messages you send to a potential customers are timely and relevant. Retargeting.biz delivers very personalized and perfectly timed messages with the help of live, email or SMS triggers that re-engage visitors and drive conversions. It observes potential customer behavior as it occurs and makes a real, useful and cost-effective connection with him. Especially when online store visitors add items to their wish list.

      Wish lists are a compilation of products that they would like to have and were invented to reduce shopping cart abandonment and boost sales. They make browsing and online shopping more accessible to the visitors. Wish lists are saved on the website so that people can get back later and make the purchase. The shopping process usually stops there because visitors are out of budget at that very moment. They wait for the right time. But the right time for them and for you is now.

      Retargeting encourages people to buy the items on the wish list

      The "add to wish list" option is available in many online shops and we can see why - it`s an important sign for you, as a shop, that a certain customer likes a certain product and that is more likely to make a purchase. Why not do something about it? Why waste time and not prompt him to complete the sale? Easy to say but not easy to do, right? Wrong! With Retargeting you just need to setup a new personalized email and everybody who will add an item to his wish list will receive your personalized message - we recommend you send a small discount as an encouragement to buy the product right then and there.

      Just like the happy birthday personalized email, the wishlist personalized email will help you create a better relationship with your customers and will increase your retention rate which is just what you need in order to grow your business even bigger.


      “ The "add to wish list" option is available in many online shops ”

    • With so many products on the market, keeping customers engaged with your e-shop is getting harder than ever. Customers sign up, use your product for a while, then they move on. Sometimes this happens when they forgot about you because they never really experienced the moment when your products just stay in their mind.

      It’s always easier to keep existing customers than it is to find new ones, so keeping customers engaged with your product or service will generally be cheaper than pouring more leads in at the top of the funnel. In fact, even just a 5% increase in retention translates into a 25-95% increase in profit.

      What better way to make them keep coming back than offering them the products they are actually interested in?

      And what if their favourite product happens to be on sale?

      Price Alert
    • Adding items in the shopping cart is one of the strongest signals of interest. Yet, more then 70% of shopping carts are abandoned before check out. Don’t let your customers get away!

      Abandoned carts are a pain for all online shop owners. Possible clients don’t finish orders for all kind of reasons. But what if they did that because they are not completely in love with the products in the cart, but still want that kind of items?

      Retargeting.biz solution?

      “Deliver” them similar products. Instead of sending the actual products the visitor had in the cart, send similar products based on attributes like price, category, brand.

      Cart Abandonment Similar Products
    • You love it when your clients like your products and you want them to spread the word? We’ve got exactly what you need!

      Tell a friend email trigger lets you send your customer, after he placed an order, an email where he will get a discount code in order to share it with his friends.


      Tell a Friend
  • Behavioral Pop-ups

    What are Behavioral Pop-ups

    Behavioral Pop-ups can be described as a series of live messages which are activated automatically by a series of predetermined scenarios. Compared to the other types of messages, behavioral pop-ups are displayed directly on the website.

    They are displayed messages, on the website, while the visitor is still browsing. This way Retargeting will engage them while they`re still interested in your products which will result in a higher conversion rate.

    The template can be changed, the text, the offer, the button, everything. Retargeting gives you the opportunity to create a behavioral pop-up that will match your shop`s visual identity, so your visitors will know that the offer comes from you, not from a third party website, thus increasing trust.

    Some types of Behavioral Pop-ups

    Currently there are a total of 3 behavioral pop-ups monitored by Retargeting with a lot more on the way. Each pop-up is analyzed individually and based on an advanced algorithm integrated already in the platform, it is very easy to send only the most suitable message for a specific situation. All the messages can be 100% customized and modified to better suit various needs.

    • If you are an online shop, we are pretty sure you have this problem too.

      Well, we all know that this is the bane of the online retail industry, because the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 68%. Do you know what that means? We can tell you: 1 in 4 of your customers actually finish their purchase.

      When it comes to the best performing live message out there, the cart abandonment message is unmatched. This message provides an additional incentive in order to keep your customers from leaving the website before finalizing their orders.

      What if we could gain them back for you?
      Oh, because yes we can do that!

      Why do users abandon their shopping cart?

      One simple explanation for their behaviour is that they are not sure about the purchase..

      However, there are so many other reasons: shipping costs made the total more than expected, they were , just researching the total cost, they did not qualify for free shipping, shipping costs were listed too late, estimated shipping time was too long, they did not want to create an account, their preferred payment option was not available, the price was presented in a foreign currency and the list goes on.

      Cart abandonment could be actually a huge opportunity, and we know that!

      Studies show that 63% of abandoned online shopping carts can be saved. That sounds great, right? You just have to take into consideration the benefits of marketing automation software and use it to communicate with your customers right before they want to leave your website. Marketing automation software can help you to transform your visitors into your customers, and your abandoned cart into an order.

      Retargeting can do that for you!

      We can help you communicate with your customers right before they leave your website, without buying your products. Retargeting will stop your visitors from leaving by showing them a behavioral pop-up that we`ll make them finish their order. This message will appear after considering the speed and the direction of your customer`s pointer on their computer screen.

      You will be able to customize this behavioral pop-up: text, design and position any time you want! Additionally, you can Multitest any element from this message.

      Transform your website visitors into customers with Retargeting and cart abandonment behavioral pop-up!

      Cart Abandonment <br>Pop-up

      “ Studies show that 63%
      of abandoned online
      shopping carts
      can be saved. ”

    • We know that having a tool that helps you transform regular visitors into newsletter subscribers is priceless.

      You could say that`s impossible, knowing how people react when you ask them for their email address. Well, let us tell you that you probably don`t know the secret formula of Retargeting!

      Why are people so reticent when talking about their email address?
      Nowadays, email has become an important communication channel, used by so many companies and their email marketing software, and that`s the way we are daily assaulted with all kind of flat offers.

      Show them that you care about them!
      Use Retargeting to show them that you`re different! Reward your visitors, just because they are your visitors! They have chosen to see your products instead of other and you should thank them.

      Trust us, Retargeting will help you make a good first impression!

      Give them a reason! A good one!

      Of course, we can help you!
      We will set up a newsletter subscription behavioral pop-up for you which will help you gain more and more subscribers for your newsletter, thanks to our marketing automation software and our special algorithm.

      You will be able to customize this behavioral pop-up: text, design and anytime you want! In addition, you can Multi-test any element from this message.

      Turn your visitors not only into subscribers, but into clients! It’s very simple when you use Retargeting!

      Newsletter Subscription <br>Pop-up

      “ Nowadays, email has
      become an important
      communication channel. ”

    • Are you aware that many of your customers become more and more undecided with so many options on your website?

      Are they just browsing through all your website pages without buying any of your products?

      With Retargeting, we can help them make the decision and place an order!

      Why are visitors so undecided?
      Well, that`s a good question, right? You might think this is a question like "What do women want? But let us give you some answers."

      Your visitors might be undecided because you have too many similar products, they want more than one product from your website and they can`t decide which one to buy, the product they love has a higher price than their budget and they can`t afford it, they think they will find the same product on a different website at a lower price or they believe they are not ready to purchase.

      Undecided visitors can be an opportunity too if you use Retargeting!
      Are you asking yourself if this is possible? Yes it is! If you had the opportunity to talk to every undecided customer who looks at many of your products, would you try to convince them to buy at least one item right now?

      We bet you would do that!

      Turning every visitor into a happy customer is easier than you thought! It’s possible with our marketing automation software.

      We can help you find out what they want by considering their browsing history. Retargeting helps us identify the product with the highest chance of acquisition, based on some specific parameters that we follow with our technology.

      Based on our marketing automation software, we identify the product that your visitor loves and then make them a special offer for it.

      Who wouldn`t love to have their favourite product at a special price?

      Trust us, they can barely resist!

      Product Recommender <br>Pop-up

      “ Your visitors might be undecided because
      you have too many
      similar products. ”

  • Push Notifications

    What are Push Notifications

    Push notifications are a message channel created for every mobile device and desktop communication. With push notifications you can reach your visitors with short messages.

    They are a series of messages (automate & manual) that are sent to your visitors in order to increase sales, to reduce user inactivity or to recommend similar products.

    There are 7 different push notifications, as follows: Cart Abandonment, Product Follow up, Category Follow up, Bounce Follow up, Inactivity, Cross Sell, Price Alert.

    • One of our best performing automated e-mail message is the one triggered after a customer has added a product in their online shopping basket and then left the website without finalizing the order.

      Now we have a look-alike message, a push notification one.

      This message is sent to mobile devices, tablets or desktop and aims to emphasize the benefits of finishing the transaction and decrease the cart abandonment rate.

      Cart Abandonment
    • Choosing the products that the visitors love is a hard thing to do. But using our unique scoring algorithm, we identify the product with the highest chance of acquisition for each visitor by analyzing their on-site behavior.

      After that, Retargeting sends them a personalized push notification to improve overall ordering times of the products in question.

      Product Follow up
    • But using our unique scoring algorithm, we identify the product that has the most chances to be purchase. But what do you do when the client likes more than one product.

      That’s simple! You send them the top products most likely to be bought.

      Category Follow up
    • You spend lots of time, energy and, most of all, money to get visitors on your e-shop. But what can you do for those that come, don’t look at any products and leave?

      We have the solution for you: send them the top most popular product last week and make them come back to take a better look.

      Bounce Follow up
    • Returning customers bring more than 80% of an e-shop total revenues. That`s why we have developed an automated inactivity e-mail message that is trigger when your customers haven`t visited your website for a predetermined time period of time. And now it is completed by an automated inactivity push notification.

      This notification is actually an opportunity to outline your advantages and to promise an incentive to return to your website.

    • Sell more, closely tie customers to their products, and make them purchase again. The current level of competition makes the acquisition of new customers a very challenging task and, it’s no wonder that, merchants try to increase repeat purchases by all means.

      Cross-sell is one of those advantageous marketing methods, which makes it possible.

      Discover and recommend the best match for the product your customer purchased on his last order!

      Cross Sell
    • With the rapid development of the Internet and continuous expansion of e-commerce, commodity and variety increase quickly. E-shops provide numerous products and customers usually take a large amount of time to find their favorites.

      So, when they do find their favorite product, getting the best price is what every customer wants. That’s where Price alert comes in!

      Price Alert
    • For e-shops, one of the hardest parts of the job is how fast things move. Customer preferences and behaviors are always changing, and the marketing tools and tactics that brands use to reach them keep changing, too.

      Using technology is a great way to move fast and engage a massive audience, particularly if it builds upon other technology that everyone is already familiar with.
      Push notifications have been around for quite some time now, but only recently they have gained an attention as a powerful real-time marketing tool that can significantly affect conversion rates.

      As a recognition of their expansion, Retargeting.biz developed push notifications, one of the most engaging communication tools that has a wide reach across internet users.

      Do you have an offer that you are dying to let all your customers know about?

      Nothing simpler! Just user Manual push notifications and you can achieve just that! And instantly!

      Manual Push Notification
  • Automated SMS

    What are Automated SMS

    Mobile messaging has long surpassed voice communication on mobile devices.
    98% of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes of receiving them.
    That`s why we have developed Retargeting with this fact in mind.

    Currently the SMS functionality is integrated in all the triggered email workflows acting as a reminder for key messages and promotions that were communicated before.

    How do Automated sms work

    The functionality of SMS messages is highly connected with the rest of the personalized email messages integrated in Retargeting.

    When a visitor has received an email message triggered by a set of actions that they did while browsing, it`s up to him to take direct action regarding this message.

    In the best case scenario he will open the email and finalize or place an order, but if he doesn`t it`s very clear that he needs the proper motivation to go through with the transaction.

    Here`s where SMS messages come into play.

    • These messages act as a reminder, in order to reinforce the benefits of finalizing the order or just to increase the level of trust in your business. You can also be sure that you reach all your customers even those that aren`t constantly checking their emails.

      This message provides an update to your clients underlining all the real benefits of returning to your website.

      For every e-mail trigger you have the possibility to add an SMS reminder. If the original e-mail trigger wasn`t opened or it didn`t generate a sale, you can send an SMS to the client reminding them of the offer available.

      Is the text in the SMS standard or I can edit it?

      You can edit and write anything you want from the Retargeting admin. You can add a shortlink to a landing page or you can send a voucher; you can send anything you want.

      Can I send an SMS to all of my subscribers?

      No, you can send this only as a reminder to one of the triggers. This is an SMS trigger, not an SMS campaign.

      Retargeting the only eCommerce personalization and marketing automation software with integrated SMS functionality

      Automated SMS

      98% of SMS messages
      are opened within 3 minutes of receiving them ”

    • What’s the one thing that is always close, is always on, and causes intense anxiety when it goes inexplicably missing? Hint: you speak into it.

      We are all well aware that we are obsessed with our phones. Brands take advantage of this dependency to reach their consumers on the device that’s basically a fifth limb. 8.6 Trillion text messages are sent every year on average. That’s over 20 times the number of Tweets and 12 times the number of Facebook messages sent daily.

      With all the messaging going on, it’s no wonder marketing teams are finding SMS marketing to be an extremely powerful tool.

      With SMS Campaign you can reach all or you clients instantly, with just a few clicks.

      SMS Campaign

      “ you can reach all off your clients instantly

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