What is an email trigger?

It's an email that Retargeting sends to your clients as a reaction to their actions on the website. For example if somebody adds a product to the cart and leaves the site without placing the order, they will receive an e-mail reminding them that they have products in the cart. This way we will transform lost orders into placed orders.

Are there any email reminders available?

Yes, you can send an email reminder if you want (these are available for all email triggers). If you offer the customer a discount that's available for the next 24 hours, you can send them a reminder 12 hours later reminding them that the offer will soon expire that they must hurry in order to take advantage of this limited discount.

Do you send this email trigger to my entire database?

No, we will send this email only to the people we have in our database. Every time somebody logs in, places an order, subscribes to the newsletter or clicks on a link in your newsletter, we will add them to our database. And then, whenever they come on the website and make an action, Retargeting will send them an email trigger.

Will you send the email triggers everytime a visitor does something on the website?

No, you will have the option to select after how many days an email address can receive the same trigger. By default this is set at 7 days, so it means that if a visitor receives the browse behavior trigger today, they will not receive it for another 7 days, no matter what they do on the website. We want to add value to your marketing strategy, not spam your visitors.

What will these emails look like?

We have some templates available that you can use for free, but you also have full access to the source code of the email so you can add your own design, without any restrictions. You can also edit our templates if you want.