Turn visitors into subscribers and then into customers with CRO

You already know that email marketing can help you build stronger relationships with your customers, attract your target audience on your website, and also increase conversion rate and sales revenue.

According to a survey conducted by Michigan Beekeeper’s Association, more than 77% of prospects prefer to receive ads via e-mail than any other communication channel. Therefore, email marketing still remains one of the most efficient instruments for a successful digital marketing strategy.

A great way to increase your customer database is to turn visitors into subscribers and then into customers, with the help of a marketing automation software like Retargeting. If you want to build an efficient retargeting strategy, you need to consider incorporating personalized messages into your email campaign.

Nurturing your potential customers leads to an increase of your conversion rate

Retargeting will set up a dynamic subscription live trigger for you, which helps you turn visitors into subscribers and then into customers, using a complex algorithm that evaluates many factors, including your visitors’ browsing behavior and interests.

The next step is to reward your prospects for subscribing. The reward can consist in a small discount incentive sent through a triggered email. Besides the small incentive, the e-mail also contains product recommendations based on your potential customer’s browsing behavior. Our email trigger called “Product of interest” works on the same principle. The idea is to show your customers that you care about them. This way, they will choose you instead of your competitors, increasing your conversion rate and your sales revenue.

Email remains one of the most important marketing instruments, used by most of the marketers to inform their customers about their products. Instead of annoying them with boring offers, Retargeting takes a different approach and puts email triggers to use in order to show your potential customers how grateful you are for their decision to convert into customers.

If you want to find out how can you turn visitors into subscribers and then into customers, using CRO, start using Retargeting right now!

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