Retargeting – the eCommerce expert tool for conversion rate optimization

Imagine running email campaigns that trigger automatically, based on the online behavior of your website’s visitors and how they interact with your business. Marketing automation builds trust and consolidates the relationship between your brand and your customers, influencing them to choose you over your competitors and keeping them engaged and interested in purchasing your products. Marketing automation also helps in maintaining a predictable stream of online sales, 24/7.

Why is Retargeting the eCommerce expert tool for CRO?

Retargeting uses 3 live triggers and 12 email triggers, as well as SMS triggers, in order to increase your conversion rate and generate sales for your online store.

Whether you send a personalized email to a visitor who abandoned his/her shopping cart or run a complex and integrated retargeting campaign that uses live, email and SMS triggers, the logic behind the technology of Retargeting is simple and efficient. At the end of the day, when you analyze your results, it is clear that marketing automation is all about building strong relationships with your customers.

There are 4 main benefits for using Retargeting as an eCommerce expert tool for conversion rate optimization:

- you create more marketing automation instruments (popup ads, emails, newsletters) that convert more and sell more products
- you nurture your leads better so they convert into customers and make more purchases
- you segment your database more effectively to more effectively target opportunities
- you engage potential customers without spamming or annoying them


How does marketing automation help you achieve all of the above?

A marketing automation tool like Retargeting tracks all visitor browsing behavior like number of visits, link clicks, email open and clicks, purchases, time spent on a certain product page, etc. After analyzing this online behavior, Retargeting will automatically trigger e-mails, popup ads, or SMS messages, based on a set of predetermined actions that your visitors do. This way, Retargeting, the eCommerce expert tool for CRO will help you maintain a positive contact with your potential customers, leading your online business to the point where your visitors will no longer be able to ignore your brand and your products.

Retargeting for E-Commerce will boost your online store sales up to 100%

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