Successful conversion rate optimization using customer retention strategies

Most marketers send newsletters to their customer and this happens for a good reason: they are efficient.

But what emails are you sending to make sure your potential customers come back and make new purchases?

Customer retention is a complicated subject, but if you keep in mind that using a marketing automation tool to increase your customer retention can lead to a direct increase of your earnings, it won't be so hard for you to grasp the concept.

What exactly is customer retention and how it can help you optimize your conversion rate?

Customer retention rate refers to the percentage of customers that purchase your products more than once, as opposed to "churn" rate, which is represented by customers who do not come back to buy again after their first purchase.

Your business’ retention refers to the percentage of customers that purchase again. It’s directly related to terms like ‘churn’ – i.e. the percentage of customers that do not repeatedly buy from your business.

You should have in mind three important aspects that influence customer retention:

1. Be sure to target and attract the attention of the right audience for your business. Attracting the right customers will make them buy your products and eventually, they will become loyal customers. Thus, you will be able to improve conversion rate and you'll have the chance to be on the market for a long time.

2. Don't think that if a customer interacts with your business, then he automatically becomes a loyal customer. Many users visit dozens of sites before deciding on one in particular. Take the example of software companies that give clients the opportunity to test various free software programs, and when the free trial period ends, they wake up to see those customers refusing to buy that product. So to avoid this situation, you need to be sure that visitors who are on your site are active and complete key activities. By taking this precaution measure, you will have the opportunity to increase your conversion rate.

3. In order to maximize the retention of all your customers, you need to keep monitoring their online behavior using the conversion rate optimization tool to see if they become inactive. If they become inactive, you will send personalized messages to remember them to visit the site and buy your products again.

Using can significantly improve your customer retention thus, increasing your conversion rate.

Live triggers

Live triggers are a series of live messages automatically activated by a number of predetermined scenarios and are directly displayed on the website.
The three live triggers used by conversion rate optimization tool are:

1. Live Cart Abandonment / Live Cart Saver - provides an additional impulse to your customers in order to stop them from leaving the website before finalizing their orders.

2. Live product recommender – analyzes what are the products of interest for each of your visitors and gives them options right on the spot.

3. Live dynamic subscription – increases the chance of acquisition by offering personalized recommendations right on the site. software helps you transform regular visitors into newsletter subscribers, which is pure gold for your business.

Email Triggers

Just like live triggers, email triggers are series of messages automatically activated by predetermined scenarios.
The content of the emails can be personalized according to your customers' behaviour. This way, you can remember them to visit your site and buy your products.
Our top five email triggers are:

1. cart abandonment
2. browsing behavior
3. bounce behavior
4. product of interest
5. cross sell

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