Retargeting – the best conversion rate expert for eCommerce businesses

“Websites that conduct regular tests produce 60% more conversions.” This is the conclusion that most marketing specialists agreed upon.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can have a massive impact on your eCommerce business. Retargeting, the best conversion rate expert for eCommerce businesses, developed an efficient, profit-driven approach to CRO that helps you take your retargeting campaign to the next level.

Traffic is what all eCommerce businesses are running for, but traffic combined with CRO is the key to success. Retargeting provides you numerous benefits, using CRO to reduce your costs, save you time and money and increase online sales and conversion rates.

Test everything about your website

Every aspect of your website influences your visitors, whether it’s in a positive or a negative manner. The key to success is being aware and constantly informed about what affects your conversion rates.

If you want a successful conversion rate optimization for your eCommerce business, you need to test every message that you send to your potential customers, being in control about all the elements that can affect your traffic and your online sales revenue.

The benefit of using A/B Testing and Multitesting

The most aesthetically pleasant pages are not always the ones that convert the most customers. To maximize Return on Investment, Retargeting helps you conduct rigorous A/B tests and Multitests that compare how different versions of a marketing instrument influence conversion rate. These complex tests allow you to gather the necessary information in order to optimize your conversion rate.

Any increase in your conversion rate leads to an exponential growth of your profits. Conversion rate experts state that a 50% increase in conversion rate can result in a 500% increase in your profits. A Venture Beat survey on the ROI from use of CRO tools concluded that 34 out of 36 tools generated large returns for 95% of the 2,938 users surveyed, with the average ROI being 223%.

Retargeting is the best conversion rate expert for eCommerce marketers, due to its multitesting capabilities that can be applied to all our triggers:

Live Triggers: Live Cart Saver, Live product Recommender, Live Dynamic Subscription
Email Triggers: Cart Saver, Browse Behavior, Bounce Behavior, Product of Interest, Cross Sell, Dynamic Subscription, Inactivity, Happy Birthday, Social Sale, FAQ/ Help, Black Friday, Wish List.

You can run tests for each and every single one of the email or live triggers and be certain that you are using the best message in order to get the best results.


Retargeting for E-Commerce will boost your online store sales up to 100%

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