Increase your conversion rate with the abandoned cart email trigger

Retargeting’s powerful, Cart Saver trigger, automatically detects visitors who abandon their shopping cart and sends personalized cart recovery emails. These automated cart abandonment campaigns provide your visitors with relevant content and product information.

Why do visitors abandon their shopping cart?

Marketers often wonder why people leave their website without buying anything. Some of the most common reasons for this type of online behavior are because they were simply browsing, they were confronted with unexpected prices, they found a better price at your competitors, or they considered the total price (including shipping, for example) to be too expensive.

Other reasons can be related to your website’s performance and checkout process, which for some of your visitors can take too long. Or maybe they don’t trust your payment security or the currency of your products’ prices that you decided to display. Sometimes, potential customers are discouraged from completing the purchase due to shipping fees or shipping options that they do not agree with. helps your visitors complete their orders and you to increase your conversion rate

eCommerce businesses can reduce their cart abandonment rate while increasing their conversion rate by recovering customers with personalized email triggers after they leave the website. These automated abandoned cart emails are sent between 15 minutes and 3-4 hours after the shopper abandoned their cart and, according to conversion rate optimization specialists, they have an average 71% open rate and a 40% CTR (click-through rate).

How do abandoned cart emails work to increase conversion rate?

When a potential customer gives you their email address but does not complete the purchase during the checkout process, a series of abandoned cart emails are triggered in order to invite and guide the customer to complete the order. Using Retargeting’s Cart Saver trigger, you have the ability to send personalized abandoned cart emails that are meant to convince your potential customers to purchase the product they have abandoned in their shopping cart, as well as to make dynamic product recommendations and offer discount incentives.

Our cart saver trigger has a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize everything about your abandoned cart emails, from timing to the number of discounts and overall design of the email templates.

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