• Процеси в реално време

    What are live triggers

    Live triggers can be described as a series of live messages which are activated
    automatically by a series of predetermined scenarios. Compared with the other
    types of messages, live trigger messages are displayed live, directly on the website.
    live triggers

    Some types of live triggers

    Currently there are a total of 3 live triggers monitored by Retargeting with a lot more
    on the way. Each trigger is analyzed individually and based on an advanced
    algorithm integrated already in the platform, it is very easy to send only the most
    suitable message for a specific situation. All the messages can be 100% customized
    and modified to better suit various needs.
    Live Cart Abandonment / Live Cart Saver
    When it comes to the best performing live message out there,
    the cart abandonment message is unmatched. This message provides
    an additional incentive in order to keep your customers from leaving
    the website before finalizing their orders.
    Live cart saver
    Live product recomander
    Live Product Recommender
    Using a proprietary scoring system, Retargeting analyzes
    what are the products of interest for each of your visitors.

    Based on this analysis, the software can offer recommendations
    directly on the website, this way increasing the overall chance
    of acquisition
    Live Dynamic Subscription
    We know that having a tool that helps you transform regular visitors
    into newsletter subscribers is priceless.
    Live dinamic subscription
  • Имейл процеси

    What are Email Triggers

    Email triggers represent a series of messages which are activated automatically by a series of predetermined scenarios.
    The content included in each email is automatically personalized and provides a further incentive for your
    customers to return to your website, finalize their orders or just buy more of your products.
    email triggers
    Live cart saver
    Cart abandonment or cart saver email trigger
    One of our best performing automated email message is the one triggered
    after a customer has added a product in their online shopping basket
    and then left the website without finalizing the order.
    This message is sent after a certain amount of time and its aim is
    to reinforce all the benefits of finalizing the transaction.
    In this way you are increasing the lifetime value of your customers
    and gaining back lost revenue.
    Product of interest
    After identifying what are the products of interest for each customer
    using our proprietary scoring system, Retargeting can send them a
    personalized email offering a discount for the product in question.
    The aim is to improve overall ordering times by offering
    only the products that your clients really love.
    Live product recomander
    Live dinamic subscription
    Inactivity email message
    Returning customers bring more than 80% of total revenue for online stores.
    That`s why we have developed an automated inactivity email
    message that is trigger when your customers haven`t visited
    your website for a predetermined time period.

    This message provides an update to your clients
    underlining all the real benefits of returning to your website

    +12 more triggered messages to suit each of your visitors actions

    trigger message
  • SMS съобщения

    What are SMS Triggers

    Mobile messaging has long surpassed voice communication on mobile devices.
    98% of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes of receiving them.
    That`s why we have developed Retargeting with this fact in mind.

    Currently the SMS functionality is integrated in all the triggered email workflows
    acting as a reminder for key messages and promotions that were communicated before.
    sms triggers
    How do SMS triggers work?
    The functionality of SMS messages is highly connected with
    the rest of the personalized email messages integrated in Retargeting.
    When a visitor has received an email message triggered by a set of actions
    that they did while browsing, it`s up to him to take
    direct action regarding this message.

    In the best case scenario he will open the email and finalize or place an order,
    but if he doesn`t it`s very clear that he needs the proper motivation
    to go through with the transaction.

    Here`s swhere SMS messages come into play.
    Live product recomander
    Live dinamic subscription
    These messages act as a reminder, in order to reinforce the benefits of
    finalizing the order or just to increase the level of trust in your business.
    You can also be sure that you reach all your customers even those that
    aren`t constantly checking their emails.

    This message provides an update to your clients
    underlining all the real benefits of returning to your website

    Retargeting the only eCommerce personalization and marketing automation software with integrated SMS functionality

    trigger message
  • Analytics and Multitesting Page


    Using the right tool for the job always yields the best results.
    So why not use a piece of software that provides you with analytics and data best suited for your business.
    Retargeting is the only marketing automation software designed especially for the eCommerce market, which provides user level analytics for your customers
    Tracking and storing every action that your visitors are making,
    gives you a better way of understanding your customer journey
    and determine where are some pain points and what you should improve.

    You can also determine which are the customers that bring the biggest value,
    messages, the location of each customer,
    and last but not least how long is the average buying cycle
    Live dinamic subscription


    Testing everything twice is what makes the difference between good and great marketers.
    Every great marketer nowadays, is testing at least two versions of a message (A/B testing) before sending it to everyone else.
    But why test only two versions at a time, when you have the possibility to test all the versions that you need.

    Retargeting provides multitesting capabilities for all our 15 triggered email messages, already present in our software. You can run tests for each and every single one of the email triggers and be certain that you are using the best message in order to get ever higher conversion rates and revenue.
    Setting up multiple variations for a message
    is incredibly easy and it takes less than 1 minute.
    You can run how many tests you want, and measure the results directly on each message.

    For each test that you run, the winner can be determined manually, after
    individually reviewing the performance or automatically depending
    on some preset key metrics.
    Once you have chosen the winner variation it will go live
    and automatically replace your current email template.

    Retargeting is the only marketing automation software for eCommerce with multitesting capabilities

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